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The University of Wisconsin–Madison was established in 1848. Today, it is a public research university. It is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Meaning and history

The university’s brand identity consists of three parts. Firstly, there is the primary UW–Madison logo (the institutional logo). Also, there are the seal and a set of athletic logos.

Institutional logo

University of Wisconsin logo

The primary Wisconsin logo comprises the “W” crest, the “Wisconsin” wordmark, and the full name of the institution.
The “W” is rather long and narrow (much narrower, for instance, than the initial in the word “Wisconsin” below). Another distinctive feature of the glyph is the high central part – it’s higher than the two diagonal bars on the sides. The white glyph is placed inside a red shape vaguely reminiscent of the heart. The heart, in its turn, is housed inside a decorative brown frame.
The word “Wisconsin” features a type with subtle serifs and unique elements. The full name of the university, though, is set in a simpler, generic sans. Both are perfectly legible.
While this structure has been used since the late 1980s, you can trace the origins even farther, to 1929. It was then that the iconic “W” crest was introduced, which explains its somewhat dated style, in comparison with the minimalist modern logos. The emblem was inspired by one of the distinctive architectural elements on the Wisconsin Field House.
Of course, the university had to modify the crest to make it better legible no matter whether it is shown on digital screens or other media and no matter what size it is.
In addition to the vertical format, where the crest is placed above the lettering, there is also a horizontal version, in which the crest is placed to the left of the lettering.


University of Wisconsin Seal

The UW’s seal is nicknamed the Numen Lumen. Its use is restricted to official administrative materials, such as certificates, legal documents, awards, stationery watermarks, etc.
The seal symbolizes “the long-standing relationship between the state of Wisconsin and its public universities,” according to the UW.
The centerpiece of the seal is an open eye. The semi-circle with the rays above it resembles both the sun and an open book. In between the “rays” (or pages), there are the letters forming the university’s motto in Latin, “Numen Lumen” (“Divine light”).
The eye and the sun are encircled by the writing “University of Wisconsin-Madison” in a traditional serif typeface. The border of the circle features a rope pattern.

Athletic logos

University of Wisconsin Athletic logo

Over its long history, the Wisconsin Badgers have gone through 15-20 different designs. Eventually, in 1990, a Rayovac artist Rick Suchanek created the so-called Motion W, which features a tail at the back of the emblem.
In addition to the Motion W, the UW athletics also uses materials showcasing the official mascot, Buckingham U. Badger (better known as Bucky Badger).


The word “Wisconsin” in the main logo features a traditional serif font called Friz Quadrata. Also, the main University of Wisconsin–Madison logo, as well as secondary departmental logos, uses the sans serif Lato type.


The main colors are white and the so-called Badger red (cardinal red: CMYK: 3, 100, 66, 12; Pantone: PMS 200). You can also see brown and black in the Wisconsin logo.
In addition to the full-color version, there are also black, red, and white outline variations.