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University of Virginia is an all people available institution with a large influence in the system of education in the state of Virginia and the whole United States. With its main campus in Charlottesville, UVA has 8 colleges, offering 200 bachelor, doctoral and master’s degrees in multiple liberal and technical subjects. Most of the large scientific researches with federal funding take place with the leadership of the University of Virginia. UVA has educated many successful entrepreneurs who founded businesses producing more than $1.6 trillion in annual revenue and creating around 2.3 million jobs.

Meaning and history

University of Virginia Logo history

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson had designed the concept of the university, capable to educate talented students who would push the country into the future. Jefferson was inspired by the liberal ideas of that time. UVA was supposed to be one of the first institutions to combine the study and scientific researching altogether.

In 1817, the United States legislature had selected Charlottesville as the location of the new university. In 1819, the Virginia assembly had chartered the university to be founded in Charlottesville. Finally, the university opened its doors and started lectures in 1825. The university study activities at the time were focused on languages, math, chemistry, jurisprudence, medical sciences, and philosophy.

What is University of Virginia?
University of Virginia is an academic institution providing knowledge to its students. This is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, which has a large influence on educational system of the country. Headquartered in Charlottesville, United States, U of V includes 8 colleges and multiple additional facilities. More than 3000 highly trained professors explore 200+ study programs in the fields of humanities, social disciplines, and mechanics. The university conducts scientific research activity, often with a huge federal financing and support.

1825 – today

University of Virginia Seal

The university seal consists of the name caption, split in two halves, placed on the opposite edges of the seal, the woman statue, and the year of foundation. The statue features a woman clothed in a warrior’s helmet and a dress. She’s caring a stick with leaves in a raised hand, and a cornucopia in the lower hand. The graphical sigil of the university is supposed to reflect it on important papers, documents or diplomas. Hence, it has a simple style without redundant elements.

1825 – today

University of Virginia Logo

The brand’s logotype features a rotunda, slightly reminding the American Capitol. On it, there are 13 stars standing for the original 13 states of the US. To the right side from the emblem, they’ve written the two-line nameplate.


University of Virginia Font

Both the logotype and the seal use a single typeface for their inscriptions. It has a light lettering with little space between uppercase characters, which have prominent serifs. There are some features in the logo: first, the initial characters of each word are enlarged; second, some characters in the words are merged to one another by upper and bottom lines. Also, the ‘of’ word has a lowercase handwritten font.


The seal color palette consists of black shade, used for the inscription, lines, and woman statue, as well as white, featuring the circular background in cases if there is the background at all. The logotype is much brighter: the name is featured in a violet shade. To the left, there is the orange rotunda, having many white lines and 13 stars on it.

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