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Founded in 1636, Harvard University is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most influential universities. The Ivy League research university is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was created by the local legislature and bears the name of its first benefactor.

Meaning and history

Harvard Logo Meaning history

The history of Harvard mentions the exact date when the Harvard Shield was officially introduced: September 8, 1836. It was the day when Bicentennial celebration took place. A white banner depicting the shield was placed above a big tent in the Yard. Later, the official seal was formed on its basis, which was adopted in 1843.

However, the shield supposedly has a much longer history as the sketch was discovered by the President Josiah Quincy in the College Archives where it spent many years in complete oblivion.

What is Harvard?
Harvard is the name of one of the world’s most famous and prestigious Universities. Harvard University was established in Massachusetts in 1636 and is one of the members of the Ivy League. Harvard is known all over the globe for its excellent educational programs and impressive number of titled graduates.


Harvard symbol

The Harvard symbol features the Latin motto “Veritas” on three books. The Latin word can be translated into English as “Verity” or “Truth”.

College Emblems

Harvard college emblems

In addition to the standard Harvard emblem, there are shields for each of the 12 Harvard undergraduate houses. They represent something important about the houses. The shield of Currier House, for instance, depicts the “Radcliffe Apple Tree”, which funded Currier house. The shields of Eliot and Lowell Houses feature the coat-of-arms of the Eliot family and the Lowell family respectively, while the emblem of the Pforzheimer House is a combination of two colors: crimson symbolizes Harvard, while black symbolizes Radcliffe.


Colors Harvard Logo

The official Harvard’s color, crimson, was chosen by a vote in 1910. However, it has a longer history. Back in 1858 the Harvard’s crew team in a regatta wore crimson scarves. Yet, it is worth mentioning that before 1910 magenta was almost as popular as crimson as students’ color of choice.


Font Harvard Logo

Harvard logo uses the Garamond typeface.

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