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University of Chicago is one of the American privately owned educational institutions, available to the mass audience. It appeared in 1890, and is based  in Illinois, US. They specialize in arts and sciences with a rather humanitarian incline. They have more than 200 learning programs, differentiated by the direction and branch of study. The lectures and science activity of the university happens in 8 self-contained schools and supplementary campuses, centers and facilities.

Meaning and history

The University of Chicago starts in 1856, when the so-called Old University of Chicago was formed by a community of Baptist pedagogues, who received ground from Senator Stephen A. Douglas. In 1886, the organization ceased its operations because of burning. Then, 4 year later, it was re-opened as a constituent institute controlled by another Baptist organization, ABES. UC was granted a new place by Marshall Field and charted by John Rockefeller. At that time, the seal was also drawn. A bit later, the brand designers came up with a primary logotype, which would represent the university management over its authorized facilities, schools and organizations.

What is University of Chicago?
University of Chicago is a private academic organization, which provides scientific knowledge to the determined students who want to examine various branches of natural sciences and liberal arts. There are more than 200 programs, which explore sciences, related to politics, social work, and business. There are also schools related to biology and molecular physics, held by the university. The modern university appeared in 1890 as an educational organization under Baptist Education Society management.

1890 – today

University of Chicago Logo

The primary logotype features the familiar shield with a bird. It’s placed next to the name of the university.


University of Chicago Seal

The seal of the brand consists of two elements: a bold ring with the inscription featuring the name of the university and the year of its foundation, and a shield. On the shield, we can see a bird reminding Phoenix by the fire from which it arises. Above the bird, we can see a classbook with a scribbled lettering with the slogan of the organization – ‘Crescat scientia; vita excolatur’. It can be translated into English as ‘Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched’.


The fonts used in the seal and the logotype have a similar style and mood. In the seal, the designers of the graphic image of the university have decided to represent  the inscription in an extra slim serif typeface with small space between uppercase characters. The primary logo has a very similar font, but way bigger. Also, the word ‘Chicago’ sets out slightly bolder in comparison with the upper ‘university of’. The fonts were rarely renovated during the university’s history and its brand.


The painting palettes also vary. The seal has a monochrome red & white color scheme, which is easy to print on important papers and documents signed by the UChicago officials. The primary logotype has the similar coloring: the white bird, placed on the red shield, and all this is based to the left side from the two-line inscription with red characters.

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