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Undertale is a 2D RPG created by an American independent developer, Toby Fox. The game describes a story of a child who has fallen into a dungeon, secluded by a magical shield. The main hero has to tear his way to the surface, meeting different monsters, capable of helping or harming him, engaging him in knotted side quests or provoking him for a battle. The fight system has a bullet hell style, whereas the player has to move among enemy balls, which can be used to suppress or subordinate the monster. In the end of every battle, the player can decide whether to kill the enemy or spare. The choices influence other characters or even the game plot.

Meaning and history

Initially, Undertale was planned to become a two-hour adventure to be released in 2014. The developer, Toby Fox, has launched a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter with a goal to raise $5k. But then he managed to collect $50+ k, which unsealed hum an opportunity to create a video game with a developed combatting, plot, locations, and characters. Shortly saying, that’s what just happened. Fox made the game almost completely on his own, and it took his 32 months. The game was released in September 2015.

What is Undertale?
This is a pixel 2D role play game released in September 2015. The game tells us a story of a young boy who falls into an underworld, full of outlandish and dense creatures, which can help the main character leave the dungeon or try to stop him. These mindful monsters can involve the protagonist into various side quests and complicated stories. You can also fight any character, killing or subduing him. It affects the in-game world, plot and other characters.

2015 – today

Undertale Logo

The game logotype, set up in the marketing assets and social media as well, depicts just the nameplate of a rectangle as long as the text caption. On the central ‘r’, there is a heart. The heart can stand as a separate icon as well.


The inscription has a capitalized pixel typeface without serifs and large intervals in between. The letters are bold and wide.


Undertale Symbol

The name itself is white, and it’s placed on a black stripe. The whole logotype is ornamented with a red heart at the center.