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The UK Labour Party is a prominent political entity in the United Kingdom, boasting an extensive and illustrious history spanning over a century. The party is a robust supporter of liberal beliefs, social fairness, and democratic socialism. It has played a critical role in shaping the UK’s political landscape and has had a profound impact on the country’s past.

Meaning and history

UK Labour Party Logo history

Formed in 1900 by trade unionists, socialists, and other reformist campaigners, the party has been a significant political power ever since. It has consistently advocated for policies that enhance the lives of working-class people, such as labor rights, public healthcare, and social welfare programs.

Throughout the years, the party has experienced several changes, both regarding its leadership and its policies. It has faced its fair share of challenges and controversies but has remained a steadfast supporter of progressive principles and social justice.

In the present day, the UK Labour Party remains a crucial force in British politics. Its leaders and members remain devoted to fighting for a more fair and impartial society, one that prioritizes the needs and well-being of all its inhabitants, irrespective of their social or economic standing.

What is UK Labour Party?
The UK Labour Party is a political organization in the United Kingdom with a venerable and celebrated history that stretches back over a century. The party ardently advocates for progressive principles, social equity, and democratic socialism, and has played an instrumental role in sculpting the UK’s political terrain and leaving a profound imprint on the nation’s legacy.

1906 – 1910

UK Labour Party Logo 1906

The Labour Representation Committee, the predecessor of the Labour Party, used a logotype that showcased a red flag with the name composed of bold black characters.

1910 – 1982

UK Labour Party Logo 1910

The earliest version of the UK Labour Party logo, available today, showcased a combination of a shovel, torch, and quill that cross one another. The picture stood inside a red circle in a white frame with the name written in a serif typeface and placed predominately below.

1982 – 1986

UK Labour Party Logo 1982

The 1982 iteration of the party’s logotype depicted a red flag, that was placed diagonally. On the flag, the large and thick capital letters of the name showed up, occupying most of the logo. The part ‘the’ stood upright with the initial ‘l’.

1986 – 2007

UK Labour Party Logo 1986

In 1986, the “Ramsay MacDonald Rose” was appointed as the party’s official symbol. It displayed a red rose with a green stem and leaves, epitomizing the party’s unwavering commitment to socialist values. The bold black word ‘Labour’ stood below the emblem.

2007 – today

UK Labour Party Logo

The latter logotype represents the word ‘Labour’ in a bold sans-serif script, and a small square containing a transparent rose. The rose has long been the symbol of socialist values. It signifies the party’s unwavering commitment to democratic socialism and its labor roots.


Labour Party Emblem

The organization’s official color code has always been red with the addition of black or white. Red stands as the main hue because it’s often associated with socialism and labor movement across the world.


Labour Party Symbol

The latest logotype of the UK Labour Party flaunts a tailor-made font that exudes confidence and modernity. The uppercase letters are sans-serif, with plump curves and thick lines that effortlessly command attention. The snugly packed letters create a unified and compact feel, giving the logo a harmonious and sleek appearance.