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Ninja Van Logo
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Ninja Van is the name of a logistics service provider from Singapore, which was established in 2014, and by today has grown into one of the largest companies in its segment in the region, operating in seven countries, including Singapore.

Meaning and history

Ninja Van is a logistics services company specifically designed for e-commerce in Singapore. Founded in 2014, today the company operates in several countries of the region, providing express delivery of purchases and packages. The company has warehouses all over Southeast Asia, which high makes the shipping process faster and easier.

What is Ninja Van?
Ninja Van is an Asian delivery service provider, which was established in 2014 in Singapore, and focused on e-commerce parcel delivery. The fast-growing company is constantly expanding, and today operates in seven countries of Southeast Asia.

2014 — Today

Ninja Van Logo

The Ninja Van visual identity was designed right after the launch of the service, in 2014, and hasn’t changed much since then. The badge, executed in a dark red and black color palette with white accents, looks modern and stable, at the same time being a reflection of Asian culture and values. The logo is composed of a graphical emblem, depicting a black-and-white cubic box, with an enlarged red pin coming out of it, with the black and white ninja face drawn on it. The emblem is followed by a lowercase sans-serif lettering in red and black.

Font and color

Ninja Van Logo Color

The stable lowercase lettering from the primary Ninja Van logo is set in a heavy modern sans-serif typeface with thick clean lines and straight cuts of the bars. The closest fonts to the one, used for the Ninja Van insignia, are, probably, Avenue Next Pro Bold and Dexa Pro Bold.

As for the color palette of the Ninja Van’s visual identity, it is set in a calm and deep combination of dark red and black, which evokes a sense of power and stability, looking professional and serious, and reflecting such qualities of the company as reliability and trustworthiness.