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UiTM is Malaysia’s leading institution of higher education. Established in the middle of the 1950s, today the university has more than 100 thousand students( and is considered to have the strongest educational system in its country.

Meaning and history

UiTM is considered one of the best universities in the world. In the QS ranking, it is in the top 690. The university is among the best in the world in the arts and humanities, social sciences and management, engineering, and technology, and life sciences. The Times Higher Education ranking highly ranks the university and ranks it fourth among universities with the most advanced research activities.

The most prestigious departments of the University Teknologi MARA are arts and humanities, engineering, social sciences, and management.

Even by Asian standards, the MARA University of Technology is a large educational institution. Foreigners can apply for admission to a Malaysian university on a general basis. Disciplines are taught by 3,000 specialists. The administration tries to constantly invite teachers from major universities around the world. International student exchanges are possible throughout a student’s education.

What is UiTM?
UiTM is an abbreviation, standing for Universiti Teknologi MARA, founded in 1956 in Malaysia. Educating 120,000 students, the university offers more than 300 academic programs in a variety of disciplines, including medicine, humanities, business and management, science, social sciences, and engineering. The university offers courses at various levels through 24 departments.

In terms of visual identity, the University Teknologi MARA is all about roots and traditions. The logo of UiTM hasn’t been changed for decades, but it looks really contemporary and powerful, due to its intense and very unusual for an educational institution color palette.

1956 – Today

UiTM Logo

The UiTM badge is composed of a graphical emblem in a shape of a rounded crest and is sometimes accompanied by a three-leveled inscription, with delicate and elegant additional purple lettering in Malay. The crest featured a solid blue background with an enlarged purple circle on it. On the dark background, you can see the yellow geometric ornament, placed vertically above two stylized crossed daggers in white, accompanied by two crossed straight lines, also in white.

UiTM FC Logo

Apart from classic education, the university is also famous for its athletic program, especially the football club, which has a separate logo.

2008 – Today

UiTM FC Logo

The badge of the UiTM football club was introduced in 2008, and by 2023 hasn’t been redesigned yet. It is set in a shape of a horizontally-stretched rhomboid crest with slightly arched sides on the bottom, and a straight sort one — on top. The crest is executed in a purple and yellow color palette, with two white rampant lions back-to-back drawn on it. The lions are accompanied by three white football above their heads, and a solid yellow lettering at the bottom.

Font and color

UiTM Emblem

The elegant uppercase lettering from the primary logo of UiTM is set in a classy serif typeface with medium-weight bars of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Bookman Old Style Pro Roman, or Bogue Slab Light, with some minor modifications of the contours.

As for the color palette of the UiTM visual identity, it is based on a bright and intense combination of purple, blue, and yellow, with white additions. The name of the blue, used here is Prussian Blue, while the second main shade is vivid violet. Yellow elevated the brightness of the badge and adds a sense of energy and development.