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The history of the word “UGG”, as well as the trademark, is highly disputed. What is almost certain is that the first people to wear the distinctive sheepskin and fleece boots were competitive surfers. The footwear worked wonders for their cold, numb feet.

Meaning and history

Logo UGG

The UGG trademark was registered in 1985 by surfer Brian Smith. Together with another surfer, Doug Jensen, Smith founded UGG seven years earlier in Santa Monica, California.


ugg symbol

The UGG logo consists of two parts: the text “UGG” in capital letters and the lowercase word “Australia” under it.

The most prominent part of the logo is the first letter “G”. It stands out, while the other two letters seem to “follow” it, like two bodyguards follow a VIP.

Emblem on the sole of the boot

UGG Emblem

The UGG insignia recessed on the sole of the boot is different from the one that appears on its back. The label seen on the back of the boot is just a wordmark logo, while the sole depicts an emblem with a symbolic meaning of its own. If you turn the boot upside down, you will see the word “UGG” surrounded by stylized sunrays occupying almost all the sole. One more depiction of the sun can be seen closer to the toe.

Most certainly, the starburst sun is supposed to remind of how and where the trademark appeared: what could be a better symbol of California than its fervent sun?


Font UGG Logo
Clear and legible, the typeface is still unique due to a couple of design elements. For instance, the top tips of the letters “G” look somewhat unusual. Also, the “G”s seem a bit stocky.


Color UGG Logo

The classic version of the UGG logo features a black text on the white background. However, as the emblem appears on the boots of varying colors, it may be modified in order to create an appealing visual harmony. For instance, if there is a bright pink shade somewhere on the boot’s surface, the logo may sport the same color as well.

UGG logo