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In a way, the logo of UBS Group AG, the bank and financial services company, contradicts modern design trends. And yet, the result is a rather efficient and distinctive logo.

Meaning and history

The UBS logo features an emblem – three keys – in black paired with the writing “UBS” in red.

Each of the keys represents one of the company’s core values: confidence, security, and discretion. Both the symbol and its explanation were borrowed from the Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC), which is one of the banks that had merged to form UBS.

Symbol UBS

The keys have a pretty intricate design, with plenty of elaborate details. Those at the top ends of the keys are functional (promising a higher level of security), while the decorative elements at the lower ends are reminiscent of medieval coats of arms. In this way, the UBS logo represents the bank’s long history and heritage.


UBS logo

The type is formal, which seems perfectly appropriate for a company that deals with finance and wants to emphasize its reliability.

Company overview

Logo UBS

UBS Group AG is a Swiss investment bank and financial services company. The founding date is April 1862. It was then that Bank in Winterthur, the nucleus bank of UBS was established. In fact, UBS is the result of multiple mergers and acquisitions.

In 2017, it was the 11th largest bank in Europe. Its market capitalization reached $64.5 billion