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TrustPay is one of the first e-commerce online payment system services provider, which was established in 2009. By today the company works with the world’s largest online retailers, providing them with the latest and most reliable solutions for their businesses.

Brand Overview

The payment system is one of the largest players on the online payment services market, which is EU certified and is a member of the UnionPay. Today the company offers such services as alternative banking account for businesses, created according to the most progressive standards and perfectly protected.
The system offers to keep and transferring money in various currencies and provides every account with its personal IBAN number.
TrustPay also emits prepaid MasterCard cards, which allow money withdrawal in the ATMs across the globe.

Meaning and history

TrustPay Logo history
The service was created in 2009 with the goal to provide reliable e-commerce solutions to businesses and individuals all throughout the EEA, which encompasses the European Union and some neighboring countries. The name refers to the primary priority of this service, which is reliability.


TrustPay Logo old
The visual identity of the e-commerce payment provider is minimalist and modest. The text-based logo uses two colors and looks professional and laconic, evolving a sense of loyalty and responsibility.

The blue and white color palette of the logotype changes to blue, black and white for the icon, where two letters “T” and “P” in blue and black are placed on a white square with rounded angles.

The color palette of the company’s visual identity is a perfect representation of protection and reliability, along with expertise and professionalism.

The simplicity of the logotype makes it timeless and elegant, it evokes a sense of trustworthiness and safety, showing the customer as the center of the company’s value system.


TrustPay logo
The new logotype uses many of the same principles the previous one had. It looks very similar, except they tilted the whole word, changed the blue to the turquoise hue and replaced the font to be more ordinary.

Font and Color

The wordmark is executed in a simple italicized sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Helvetica Family fonts. Its clean and neat lines represent the company at its best, accenting on the fundamental and traditional approaches to services and attention to detail, along with simplified solutions and aiming to make the customer feel safe and comfortable.
The central color of the TrustPay branding has always been blue. Earlier, they’ve used darker shades, while lately the focus shifted to lighter variants.