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Transaero Airlines is an established airline company known for its extensive flight network and quality services. It is owned by a group of investors led by Alexander Pleshakov. The airline operates both domestic and international flights, connecting major cities around the world. With its modern fleet and experienced staff, Transaero Airlines ensures a comfortable and safe travel experience for its passengers.

Meaning and history

Transaero Airlines Logo

Transaero Airlines was founded by Alexander Pleshakov and Alexander Kononenko in 1990. As a leading Russian airline, Transaero achieved several significant milestones throughout its operation. It became the first privately-owned airline in Russia and rapidly expanded its fleet and route network. The airline was known for its wide range of domestic and international destinations, providing passenger and cargo services. However, in October 2015, Transaero Airlines faced financial difficulties and ceased operations. The airline’s assets were acquired by Aeroflot, the largest Russian airline, which took over some of Transaero’s routes and aircraft. Transaero Airlines no longer operates independently.

What is Transaero Airlines?
Transaero Airlines was a Russian airline that operated from 1991 to 2015. It was one of the largest private airlines in Russia and was known for its extensive domestic and international flight network. However, due to financial difficulties, Transaero Airlines ceased operations and filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

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