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Tramontina is a manufacturer of cookware, cutlery, and home appliances. It is headquartered in the city of Carlos Barbosa, Brazil.

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Meaning and history

Tramontina Logo history


Tramontina Logo 1950

The brand was started in 1911 by Valentin Tramontina. The earliest Tramontina logo featured the handwritten name of the marque. It had several versions.


Tramontina Logo 1955

The most popular logo of this period featured the name of the brand “written by hand” and directed upwards. The lower end of the final “a” was extended and formed an underline below the word. You could also see the lettering “Cutelarias” explaining what kind of goods the company produced. This word was given in a more generic sans serif type.

Since the “handwritten” logo was hard to make uniform and reproduce, an additional emblem was adopted. On it, you could also see a roundel housing the capital letter “T.”


Tramontina Logo 1964

The problem of a uniform logo was resolved by introducing a completely different design. This time, the name of the brand featured a plain sans. It lost much of its elegance, yet was better legible than its predecessor. This was partly because the glyphs were solid black.

The capital “T,” on the contrary, adopted a more artistic shape.


Tramontina Logo 1966



Tramontina Logo 2005

The current wordmark is inspired by its predecessor – you can see it from these minimalist, unobtrusive glyphs. They have been slightly modified, to make the wordmark look lighter: the ends of the “t” have been cut, the vertical bars of the “M” have been replaced by diagonal ones, etc.


Tramontina logo


The most notable part, however, has been the addition of the blue square with rounded corners. The colorful background helps to make the Tramontina logo recognizable.

Logo Tramontina


Tramontina Logo 2011