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TomTop is the name of a global online store, which was established in 2004. Today the company is a gold supplier if Alibaba and has a wide range of electronic devices, small interior goods and gifts available on their e-commerce platform. The e-store offers a worldwide delivery service.

Meaning and history

TomTop Logo history

The visual identity of the online retailer is simple yet instantly recognizable. Its minimalist text-based logo is accompanied by a strict emblem and a laconic web icon.

The calm blue nameplate is accompanied by a golden-brown tagline “Loving. Shopping. sharing.”, which is a reflection of the company’s essence and values. The combination of colors evokes a sense of balance and harmony, showing the e-commerce platform as a reliable and professional one.

For the mobile applications, the company uses two white letters “T” placed inside a blue square with rounded angles. The “T” on the right is a little smaller and stays under the horizontal bar of the left “T”.

As for the web icon, the company uses a different symbol — a colorful abstract “T”, composed of three equal squares — orange, green and blue. It symbolizes the wide assortment of products the company has to offer and makes the image friendly and welcoming.

2004 – 2014

TomTop Logo 2004

The first logo features a stylized representation of an arch or a series of waves decreasing in size from left to right, above the capitalized brand name “TOMTOP.” The design uses two shades of blue, with the darker shade outlining the waves and the lighter shade filling them in, creating a sense of depth. The text “WHOLESALE CENTER” is placed directly below the brand name in a smaller font, which emphasizes the business’s focus on large-scale distribution. The overall design conveys a sense of fluidity and movement, efficiency, and dynamism. The use of blue is intended to invoke feelings of trust, reliability, and professionalism.

2014 – Today

TomTop Logo

The new logo maintains the same brand name “TOMTOP” in capitalized letters, but with a simpler design approach. It discards the wave motif and instead opts for two shades of blue on a white background, with the darker blue for the “TOM” and the lighter blue for the “TOP.” There is a tagline “Loving · Shopping · Sharing” aligned with the brand name, emphasizing the company’s dedication to a positive shopping experience and the social aspect of consumerism. This logo’s minimalistic design reflects a modern and accessible brand identity, focusing on the customer’s emotional connection with shopping and sharing.


The wordmark of the online retailing company in all capitals is executed in a bold strong sans-serif typeface, which is close to Bank Gothic font with straight lines and distinct angles. The perfect geometric forms of the letters look neat and confident, evoking a sense of responsibility and trust.

The tagline is written in a more traditional sans-serif, which balances the modern logo, adding timeless elegance and authority.


The e-commerce platform is one of the best-known retailers of various goods, manufactured in China. Due to its close work with the biggest production facilities and fabrics, the company offers the best wholesale and individual deals on almost all the product range on their website.

The company offers everything from clothing and accessories to electronic goods and sports equipment. All the categories include thousands of items and have something for everyone.

The e-commerce platform offers a safe payment system, accepting PayPal and credit cards, an optimized worldwide shipping system with the availability of tracking the order, and a number of affiliate and reward programs.