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Tokopedia is the name of an online shopping platform, which was established in 2009 in Indonesia. Today the e-commerce website is one of the most popular in the Asian region, having millions of customers, who enjoy the high quality of Tokopedia products and services.

Meaning and history

Tokopedia logo

Being an e-commerce platform, Tokopedia boasts a visual identity, which brilliantly reflects the essence and purpose of the company, — a bright yet simple and modest logotype in a delightful color palette is a great complement to the variety of products in the brand’s portfolio.

Once designed in 2009, the Tokopedia logo has never been changed until today. The Indonesian e-commerce platform uses a bright green logotype in the lowercase of a fancy and smooth sans-serif typeface as the main and only element of its visual identity.

The letters in the wordmark are placed at quite a high distance from each other, which makes it look airy and light, evoking a friendly and welcoming feeling. While the green and white color palette of the inscription stands for success, wealth, and growth, the lowercase style of writing also represents the loyalty and openness of the company, which values customers over anything else.

The Tokopedia logotype is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as All around Gothic Medium and Nordeco Seminole, but with the contours of the letters open and some lines modified.

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