Minnesota Timberwolves Logo

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Minnesota Timberwolves Logo

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo PNG

One of the most well-known professional basketball teams in the US, the Minnesota Timberwolves are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although their logo has always been built around the image of a wolf, it was not one and the same wolf. Both the animal and the wordmark underwent profound changes.

Meaning and history

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo history

The team debuted in 1989 with the logo that was used up to 1996. Here, a side view of a wolf’s head (blue and white) with a half-opened mouth was placed over a grey basketball. The picture had a green outline, while the wolf’s eyes were also green. Under the emblem, the name of the team was placed.

Symbol: 1996 – 2017

Minnesota Timberwolves symbol

The next Minnesota Timberwolves logo got rid of the circular shape. Now, the wolf was looking at you with its mouth open a bit wider, so as to reveal the bright red tongue. A dark shade was falling over half of the muzzle, and in this part the muzzle was black, with a peculiar blue outline. Under the wolf’s head, there was a row of six fir trees and a wordmark featuring a sharp-angled typeface.

Current emblem

emblem Timberwolves

The 2017/18 logotype features a howling wolf with a basketball on the background. The image is encircled by the name of the team.


Font Timberwolves Logo

The primary logo used in 2008–2017 sported a distinctive all-cap typeface with rather sharp angles in the letters “M”, “W”, and “V”. In the “Wolves” wordmark logo used in 2009–2017 this distinctive feature was emphasized. Here, the letters had even sharper angles, which was supposed to symbolize the sharp claws of a wolf and thus contribute to the aggressive and intimidating image of the team.

The logo unveiled in 2017 features a completely different sans-serif all-cap font. It would have been regular if not for the “A”, which lacks the horizontal bar and thus looks like a “V” turned upside down.


Color Timberwolves Logo

In terms of the color scheme the Minnesota Timberwolves logo has stayed mostly consistent since 1989. It has always been based on a combination of green, black, blue, grey, and white. However, shades of these colors haven’t remained exactly the same. The most important modification took place in 1996, when the colors were made darker, thus creating a more refined impression.

The current logo comprises a bright shade of green (Aurora Green) paired with two rather discreet shades of blue (a darker one, called Midnight Blue, and a lighter one, called Lake Blue,); a very light, almost transparent shade of grey (Moonlight Grey); and white for the letters (Frost White).