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Cider is a fast-rising global fashion e-commerce platform. Specializing in on-trend apparel for young adults, it curates an affordable yet chic wardrobe collection. Its primary markets include North America and Europe. It leverages social media and influencer partnerships for growth.

Meaning and history

Cider began its journey as a vibrant fashion startup, aiming to democratize trendy apparel for the digital generation. It carved a niche in the fast-paced industry by tapping into real-time data and community feedback to shape its clothing collections. The company maintained a lean production model, committing to limited runs to reduce waste and stay nimble.

Key to Cider’s ethos is sustainability, an area they’ve been enhancing by optimizing their supply chain and incorporating more eco-friendly materials. Their market presence has seen a significant rise in North America and Europe, with their eyes set on expanding their fashion footprint globally.

Cider’s production has evolved with technology, using advanced algorithms to predict trends and manage stock, thus, ensuring they produce close to what is needed. This approach minimizes overproduction and aligns with the modern consumer’s desire for responsible brands.

Throughout its history, Cider has remained customer-centric, a philosophy that continues to drive its growth and innovation in the competitive fashion landscape. The story of Cider is one of adaptability, strategic market positioning, and a keen sense of the pulse of fashion’s future.


Cider Logo

The typeface is sans-serif, with a modern and clean appearance. The letters are black on a white background, and the characters are evenly spaced, exhibiting a balance between elegance and minimalism. This logo embodies a contemporary style with its simplicity and focus on legibility.