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Best Buy is an American retail company, specialized in consumer electronic goods and appliances and operating across the country through almost one thousand locations. The company was established in 1966 and today it is very popular not only in the United States but also in Canada and Mexico.

Meaning and history

The company, established as a retailer of sound systems and music accessories, had its first logo designed in 1966, and until today the color palette of the original version is used by the brand, showing it as a loyal and the one with the value of heritage and roots.

Best Buy Logo history

Best Buy specializes in the sale of electronics and is one of the largest chains in its segment in North America. The company not only sells a variety of equipment, but also has several brands of its own: Future Shop, Insignia, Dynex, and Geek Squad.

The store offers its customers a huge range of products, great prices, promotions, and new products, available in more than a thousand physical stores the company in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and online, with the worldwide delivery.

The success of the retail chain speaks for itself – the company successfully meets the demands of its target audience, not just staying afloat, but constantly expanding its activities. Today, online retailing is a priority for Best Buy, because the store’s assortment is so huge that you can spend all day in a physical store looking for the right product, whereas the site has a convenient search system and a categorized catalog. There are also special credit cards available for buyers for more profitable purchases.

What is Best Buy?
Best Buy is an American chain of consumer electronics stores, which was established in 1966. Today Best Buy has over one thousand locations across North America and Puerto Rico, where customers can shop for a wide range of electronic goods, gadgets, and accessories.

1966 — 1983

Best-Buy Logo 1966

The logo design of 1966 featured a yellow and black circle with a black outline. The “Sound Of Music” name of the company was written in a rounded sans-serif typeface and placed on the upper part of the circle, having an abstract image under it.

The image depicted a yellow swirl on a black background, a symbol of progress and energy of a young developing company.

1983 — 1984

Best-Buy Logo 1983

The name of the company was changed to Best Buy Co Superstores in 1983, so the wordmark in the logo was replaced. The color palette was switched, so now the yellow lettering was placed on a black background with a swirl drawn in thin black lines on yellow. The circle was put on a black square background with yellow horizontal lines and a “Superstores” tagline in all capitals.

1984 — 1989

Best-Buy Logo 1984

The logo was redesigned in 1984, the black and yellow color palette remained, but red was added, in order to show the power and passion of the brand. The circular shape was removed, now it was a yellow rectangle with a bold black “Best Buy” lettering in a traditional sans-serif font and a red script “Superstores”, placed in the bottom part of the emblem, between two black horizontal lines.

1989 — 2018

Best-Buy Logo 1989

The iconic yellow tag logo was created for the company in 1989 and became synonymous with electronic appliances shopping destination. The black bold wordmark was placed on a yellow background, having a shape of the price-tag. The tag features a thin black outline and a small white circle in a black frame in its left part.

The “Superstores” inscription is now removed, and the logo looks modern and laconic, reflecting a fundamental approach and a good reputation of the company.

2018 — Today

Best-Buy logo

Being one of the most recognizable logos for almost thirty years, the yellow tag was redesigned in 2018 in order to reflect the progress of the company, its development and its strong character.

However the iconic yellow tag stayed on the logo, it got smaller and was placed in the bottom right corner, being separates from the inscription. As for the wordmark, it still uses the bold sans-serif font and black color, but now the lettering is enlarged and looks more solid and confident.

There are also several different versions of the color palette of the logo now, including a traditional for the company yellow and black on a white background, a new white logotype on a blue background and even a white on dark yellow option.


The bold and solid wordmark in all capitals is executed in a strong sans-serif font, which is similar to TT Norms Pro Black or Karu Extra Bold fonts, which both have thick neat lines and clean contours. The lettering is perfectly balanced in terms of size and spaces, reflecting a powerful and influential company.