The 10 Best Logos from Gambling and Tipster Sites

Most logos from betting and tipster sites are fairly simple and not memorable. However, there are a few logos that break out of the norm or present the brand well that it makes them memorable and credible as a betting site. To recognize some of these logos, here are the best logos from betting and tipster sites in no specific order.

1. ProTipster

ProTipster logo

ProTipster is a popular tipster site that offers free and premium tips for all kinds of sports. The ProTipster logo is simple and straightforward like its name.

Highlighting “Pro” with a different color is a practical tactic to emphasize the context of the syllable and to make the logo easier to read. Having a symbol on the right also makes the brand memorable as bettors can associate ProTipster by just seeing the symbol.

During its early days, the ProTipster logo used to sport a red color. However, the blue shade is a better choice as it provides the professionalism and credibility of an established tipster site.

2. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes logo

Ladbrokes is the number one British gambling group operating across the United Kingdom. Their logo boasts a minimalist yet powerful brand that makes the logo eye-catching and memorable.

Over the years, the Ladbrokes logo retained their text-based logo and color scheme which helped establish their identity in the industry. The 2011 redesign with a modern typeface and L-shaped symbol offered a modern upgrade while staying true to the brand’s roots.

3. William Hill

William Hill logo

William Hill is a well-known global online bookmaker based in London. Their logo is one of the most recognizable in the betting industry because of the combination of cursive and typeface font.

The cursive element, emphasized by the golden yellow color, gives William Hill an elegant, established, and premier feel. The combination of colors and font makes it a simple yet memorable text-based logo that captures the brand’s feel.

4. Gambling Bulldog

Gambling Bulldog logo

The Gambling Bulldog shows a literal and playful take on the brand’s name.

The text-based logo uses the UK flag colors red, blue, and white shade to make the logo eye-catching. The flag is also cleverly incorporated as the character’s bowtie.

However, the bulldog character makes this logo unique from the rest of the gambling sites in the industry. The character works as a good mascot for the brand.

5. 888sport

888sport logo

888sport offers competitive odds and online bets for major events. This multinational betting site based in Gibraltar is one of the most dynamic and trusted online betting sites in the industry.

Its orange and white colour scheme has stood out among a majority of red, blue, and white color schemes in the industry. This is a bold move for 888sport, but it paid off as it cemented their brand among online betting sites.

6. 22bet

22bet logo

22bet is one of the oldest gambling websites in the industry, and it offers unique reward schemes and various sports for most countries.

The 22 in the logo is an unusual design for a logo, but it helps make the website memorable and recognizable among others. It makes good use of the brand’s name and shows a good balance of a dark muted color scheme.

7. Bet MGM

Bet MGM logo

BetMGM is a premier bookmaker that has countless locations and kiosks across the US. Besides its physical locations, BetMGM also has an online betting site, allowing patrons to bet from anywhere.

The BetMGM logo is very regal and sports a lion symbol etched on a light golden brown background. The whole logo fully captures the luxury and extravagance that BetMGM offers, given that it is located in luxurious resorts. It’s a simple but easily recognizable logo that perfectly projects the image of the brand.

8. BetRivers

BetRivers logo

BetRivers is an up-and-coming online betting platform that’s exclusively available in the US. The platform’s strongest point is its loyalty programs for repeat bettors.

The logo offers a classic and elegant design as if BetRivers was not a newcomer in the industry. It gives a similar vibe to William Hill, but the witty use of the letter R as a river makes it a clever and interesting logo design. The deep blue and golden yellow scheme offers a very royal image to the brand, which adds to the credibility and exclusivity of BetRivers.

9. Stake

Stake logo

Stake is an online casino that offers various odds and bets. It is also one of the few casino sites that accept cryptocurrencies.

Unlike other casino sites, Stake’s logo veers away from the flashy and colorful logos most casinos have. The minimalist logo with a slightly curvy font makes it memorable and professional. Moreover, when bettors go to their webpage, the logo fits the website design and the branding that Stake wanted.

10. Draft Kings

DraftKings has been in the early days of legal sports betting, and it has established itself as one of the most reliable and successful online betting sites.

DraftKings’ logo is clean, straightforward, and easy to remember. Since its launch, the logo has only made slight changes, and the current design has refined the original logo.