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TAM Airlines, a renowned Brazilian carrier, operates as part of the LATAM Airlines Group. With a diverse fleet of aircraft, TAM serves both domestic and international destinations, providing reliable and comfortable travel experiences. As a subsidiary of LATAM Airlines Group, TAM benefits from its extensive network and partnerships, offering passengers a wide range of flight options. Whether flying within Brazil or exploring global destinations, TAM Airlines ensures a seamless journey with its commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Meaning and history

TAM Airlines Logo history
TAM Airlines, now part of LATAM Airlines Group, was a major Brazilian airline known for its extensive domestic and international network. It operated a modern fleet and offered a range of services to enhance the passenger experience. TAM Airlines prioritized safety and provided reliable and comfortable travel for its customers. With its strategic alliances and codeshare agreements, TAM Airlines connected passengers to numerous destinations worldwide. The airline had a strong focus on customer satisfaction and offered amenities such as in-flight entertainment, onboard dining, and loyalty programs. TAM Airlines played a crucial role in promoting tourism and business travel in Brazil and was recognized for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. As part of LATAM Airlines Group, TAM Airlines contributed to the development and growth of the aviation industry in Latin America.

What is TAM Airlines?
TAM Airlines, also known as Transportes Aéreos del Mercosur S.A., was a Brazilian airline that operated domestic and international flights. It was one of the largest airlines in South America and was known for its extensive network, modern fleet, and quality service. However, TAM Airlines merged with LAN Airlines to form a new entity called LATAM Airlines Group, which became the largest airline in Latin America.

1961 – 1976

TAM Airlines Logo 1961
The TAM Airlines badge from the 1960s looked confident and cool. It featured a black composition with heavy uppercase lettering in a geometric sans-serif font, where the three letters were separated from each other by two vertical rectangles, and the enlarged “T” had its horizontal bar elongated and broken. Making up the main graphical element of the logo.

1976 – 1980

TAM Airlines Logo 1976
The redesign of 1976 switched the color palette of the TAM visual identity to red and white, and redrawn the wordmark, which was now overlapping the sharp geometrically-stylized airplane wing in red and white. As for the lettering, it was executed in a narrowed and slanted square sans-serif font, looking strong and stable.

1980 – 2008

TAM Airlines Logo 1980
In 1980 the logo of the air carrier was redesigned again, making up a very simple and laconic logo with just the bold red wordmark on it. The lettering was set in the uppercase of an extra-heavy geometric sans-serif typeface with straight cuts and distinctive contours of the characters.

1984 – 1986

TAM Airlines Logo 1984
The red lettering turned blue and got accompanied by a graphical element in 1984. It was a stylized image of the plane, with the left part contoured in black, and the right one executed in blue and red, with a solid blue triangular wing and red and swipe stripes over it. The logo only stayed active for two years.

1986 – 1993

TAM Airlines Logo 1986
The redesign of 1986 has brought back the minimalistic approach to the TAM logo, returning to the bold geometric lettering from 1980, but drawing it in dark blue now. All the graphical elements were removed from the composition.

2008 – 2016

TAM Airlines Logo
The last logo in the history of the air carrier was created in 2008 and stayed in use by TAM until its merger with LAN. The lettering turned dark red, with the geometric characters softened and gaining more space in between. The horizontal bar of the “A” was replaced by a blue sophisticated stylized bird, which wings were overlapping the two other letters.