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Established in the verdant city of Eugene, Oregon, by visionary entrepreneur Ron Fraedrick, TacoTime first opened its doors in 1960. This culinary venture has flourished into a distinguished emblem in the realm of Mexican-inspired fast dining. Under the ownership of the renowned Kahala Brands, the enterprise has woven its presence into the fabric of the North American food scene, particularly across the United States and Canada, with a pronounced influence in the Pacific Northwest territory. TacoTime has become synonymous with its delectable crispy burritos and artisanal salsa, securing its status as a preferred locale for authentic Mexican culinary delights.

Meaning and history

Taco Time Logo history

The inception and evolution of TacoTime are rooted in Ron Fraedrick’s transformative journey to Southern California, which ignited his passion to transplant the essence of Mexican gastronomy to his Oregon community. What began as a humble taco stand burgeoned into a robust network of eateries. The company’s trailblazing journey in the fast-food landscape is marked by its innovative offerings such as the Crisp Burritos, and a steadfast dedication to fresh, high-caliber ingredients.

This expansionary zeal propelled TacoTime across borders into Canada in the 1970s, marking the brand’s foray into global expansion. The acquisition by Kahala Corp, now known as Kahala Brands, in 2003 served as a catalyst for further growth.

TacoTime distinguishes itself with a dedication to ingredient integrity and a menu that seamlessly fuses timeless Mexican classics with inventive culinary twists, ensuring the brand’s progressive adaptation to contemporary tastes while honoring its heritage flavors.

What is Togo’s?
Regarding Togo’s, TacoTime offers a stark contrast with its unique focus on Mexican fare, underscored by an unwavering commitment to ingredient excellence and menu innovation. Since its advent over six decades ago, TacoTime has burgeoned into a revered entity in the sphere of fast food, lauded for its fusion of classic Mexican flavors and novel culinary creations. The brand’s reputation is firmly entrenched, celebrated for its array of fresh and zestful Mexican gastronomic experiences.

1980s – 2001

TacoTime Logo 1980s
The logo depicts a stylized green cactus with three upward-reaching arms, symbolizing vitality and growth, set against a plain background. Below the cactus is the brand name “TacoTime” in bold, capitalized red letters, with the registered trademark symbol ‘®’ at the end, indicating a legally registered trademark. The font is modern and sans-serif, suggesting a contemporary and efficient service. The use of green and red colors not only reflects the Mexican flag but also evokes freshness and appetite, resonating with the Mexican cuisine the brand offers.

2001 – Today

TacoTime Logo
The logo features a vibrant green cactus with a sunburst in yellow and orange hues in the background, evoking a sense of warmth and energy. “TacoTime” is emblazoned across the foreground in a wavy, friendly red and yellow font that suggests a fun and dynamic atmosphere. This logo differs from the previous one by incorporating more colors and a sun motif, which gives it a more lively and inviting feel. The stylization of the text and the addition of the sunburst suggest a more casual and welcoming brand image, in contrast to the more straightforward and corporate style of the earlier green and red logo. The registered trademark symbol ‘®’ is still present, maintaining the brand’s professional integrity.

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