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During the previous two decades, the Airbus logo has gone through two modifications. While the alterations have been rather notable, we can surely say that each new design was based on its predecessor. Due to this, the overall style has remained consistent.

Meaning and history

Airbus Logo history


Airbus Logo 2001

The design is dominated by a circle broken down into two identical halves. In each of the halves, there is a dynamic abstract pattern inspired by curves, whirls, and swooshes. On the symbolic level, the emblem can be interpreted as the earth (the circle) and airlines as the fastest way to get from one place to another (the dynamic curves).

The company name in a bold, classic sans can be seen below. The fact that the letters are italicized adds some dynamism.


Airbus Logo 2010

Now, the roundel has a 3D effect due to the addition of the gradient to the background. The word “Airbus” features a different type. While it is still a sans, it is not italicized now and has a couple of distinctive details – the gaps in the “A” and “R,” for instance. Also, the lettering has a 3D look due to the addition of the gradient.


Airbus logo

The updated Airbus logo is flat and does not feature the whirl emblem – only the wordmark. The dark and rather saturated shade of blue has remained pretty much the same.