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The logo of the Russian aircraft manufacturer JSC Sukhoi Company is meaningful, minimalistic, and dynamic. During its more than 81-year history, it has gone through over four updates.

Meaning and history

Sukhoi Logo history

Older emblems

Sukhoi Logo old

You can come across an older version where there were additional details on the aircraft and the circle was smaller than the aircraft.

Sukhoi Company Logo old

Another version featured the aircraft flying backward (to the left). You can also come across a logo depicting a stylized arrow and shapes looking like a Native American headdress.

1939 – Today

Sukhoi Logo

The current Sukhoi logo can be given both in Russian and in English (there is a version in each of the languages). Both versions have the same structure. They combine a silver emblem with a dark blue wordmark. The palette differs a little.

In the Russian logo, the emblem appears somewhat lighter, while the shade of blue is brighter.


The silver symbol is made up of a circle housing a stylized aircraft, which looks like an arrow. The aircraft is heading up and to the right, which adds some dynamism.

Emblem Sukhoi


Logo Sukhoi

The type featured in the Sukhoi logo is a heavy, bold sans. The distance between the letters is remarkably small in both the English and Russian versions.

Company overview

The history of the JSC Sukhoi Company started in 1939. It is a major Russian aircraft manufacturer headquartered in Moscow. Sukhoi designs both civilian and military aircraft. In 2006, the company merged with Mikoyan, Ilyushin, Irkut, Tupolev, and Yakovlev to form United Aircraft Corporation.