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Star Citizen is a video game that is being created by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows. It is in development, as of 2021. The game combines multiplayer space trading and combat simulation. In 2012, the masterminds behind the project announced its launch in 2014, but it has been repeatedly delayed. However, independent modules of the game have been released.

Meaning and history

The Star Citizen logo contains a lot of details. Due to the notable symmetry, it doesn’t seem overly cluttered. It boldly combines universal symbols in a unique mix.

In the very center of the design, there is a four-pointed star. It creates a link with the name of the game. Moreover, there is a connection with the gameplay. What can better represent a first-person shooter than a shooting target or optical sight? And this logo does look like a target or optical sight, albeit a very unusual and even refined one.

What is Star Citizen
The long-awaited video game Star Citizen is based on multiplayer space trading and combat simulation, as well as first-person shooting. Pre-production started in 2010, but as of 2021, no valid projected date for the commercial launch has been announced.

In this interpretation, the star becomes the center of the target, and there are even the rings. To make this target unique, to make it unlike any other, designers positioned the rings in an unusual way. There is a smaller and bolder ring in the center circumscribed by three thinner rings of greater diameter. Interestingly, the three rings varied by thickness, which created an elegant touch.

The rings were encircled by a pattern that can be interpreted as a modern take on the laurel wreath. The ancient Greeks awarded a laurel wreath to those who won the Olympics or poetic competitions. Since then, it has been widely used to represent glory, victory, and fame.

How did the authors of the Star Citizen logo manage to offer a unique and modern interpretation of this popular and ancient symbol? Typically, the wreath is depicted as a twig with symmetric leaves on both sides. Here, the designers simply cut off a half of each of the elements, so now there is a succession of single leaves. Also, they made the shape of the leaves more symmetric. Eventually, they slightly rotated the leaves. All these tweaks made the wreath both minimalist (which means modern) and recognizable. On the downside, some users will not instantly realize that it is a wreath, not just a random decorative pattern.

Star Citizen Logo

The two words forming the name of the brand come above and below the emblem. Interestingly, they feature different effects. While the word “Star” is arched, the word “Citizen” forms a straight line.

Another notable detail is that it seems to be made of metal that went through artificial aging. Apparently, this hints at the multiple glorious battles the weapon has gone through.

Colors and font

The silver color dominating the logo is needed for the effect of aged metal. The color has multiple hues, from lighter to rather dark. This is one of the ways to add some dimension.

The Star Citizen logo features a customized sans serif typeface. It’s austere and adequately legible. Its style fits the emblem pretty well.