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Standard Life is a British financial group, which specializes in providing various services including consulting, insurance and asset management. The company was established in 1825 and today has almost 10 thousand employees in its offices all over the world. Today the new direction of the business is being developed by the group — software development and consulting.

Meaning and history

Standard Life Logo history

The corporate visual identity of the huge insurance company has always been text-based. Its current logo, composed of a wordmark and a delicate emblem above it, keeps the mood and color palette of the previous version, elevating it to the new level.

The blue, white and yellow palette of the firm’s logo is a reflection of reliability and professionalism. Along with creativity and joy, which the company invests in every product and service.

Until 1992

Standard Life Logo before 1992

The first known logo of the company was composed of a white wordmark placed on a blue background and enclosed in a rectangular white frame. The lettering was executed in a bold old-style serif typeface very similar to one of the Goudy Family fonts. It was simple, yet bright and memorable.

1992 – 2011

Standard Life Logo 1992

The redesign of 1992 brought a modern look to the company’s visual identity. That is when the Standard Life emblem was created and yellow color was added to the palette.

Now the light minimalist wordmark was located between the two parts of a blue and yellow pennant, which added a sense of traditional approach and values of the company’s roots and heritage.

The wordmark in all capital letters was drawn in blue and executed in a sleek sans-serif typeface, which is close to Dez Now Sans Semi Bold font but with modified tails of the letters — playfully pointed ends.

The logo looked friendly and kind, evoking a sense of safety and loyalty, as well as confidence and stability of the corporation.

2011 – Today

Standard Life Logo

The redesign of 2011 changed the concept of the corporate design, making it simpler and more modern. Now the logo is composed of a bold nameplate in a deep blue color with a small sharp yellow triangle above the last letter of the inscription.

The triangle has its peak elongated and pointing upright. It is a symbol of progress and dynamics of the constantly growing and developing company. This delicate geometric symbol adds a bright accent to the logo and evoke a sense of happiness.


The wordmark of the logo is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with small yet distinct stencils. The font is close to Norpeth ExtraBold but slightly modified.

The letters of the nameplate look solid and strong, representing a professional company with a lot of experience in its field. The one, that knows how to protect its customer and bring happiness and comfort into his home.


Standard Life is the biggest mutual life organization in Europe, which also operates worldwide through its offices and subsidiaries.

The company offers various products and services in insurance segment and asset management, though its wide network of brokers and agents, along with operating offices and online platforms.

Today the firm helps almost 5 million customers with management of their life savings and pensions. The company is known for its perfect customer support and service and trusted by millions of people in the UK, America and Europe.

Founded in 1825, today the enterprise proposes life assurance and wealth management, individual saving accounts and mutual funds, along with pensions and investment bonds. The company has various products suitable for both private customers and commercial organizations.