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Pioneering the holistic pet food realm, Solid Gold emerged from Sissy Harrington McGill’s vision of integrating natural, premium ingredients for canine diets, with a keen focus on those with delicate stomachs. The brand, rooted in American innovation, has diversified, offering cats equally nutritious, life stage-specific feeds, all infused with beneficial superfoods.

Meaning and history

Solid Gold Pet, a pioneer in holistic pet nutrition, was founded in 1974 by Sissy Harrington McGill. McGill, inspired by the superior health of European Great Danes compared to their American counterparts, sought to create a nutritious, natural pet food. Her first product, Hund-N-Flocken, set the stage for a new category in pet nutrition focused on holistic health.

Over the years, Solid Gold expanded its offerings to cater to the diverse nutritional needs of dogs and cats. The company emphasized gut health, nutrient absorption, and overall well-being in its products, aligning with McGill’s vision of transformative nutrition for lifelong pet health and vitality.

In 2020, Solid Gold Pet was acquired by Health & Happiness Group International Holdings Ltd. (H&H Group) for $163 million, marking H&H’s first venture into the global pet food space. This acquisition was part of H&H’s strategy to expand its portfolio, which already included nutrition and care brands for adults, children, and infants. The deal also signified the growing importance of pet nutrition in the lives of modern families.

Solid Gold offers a variety of pet foods, including dry and wet options, for various dietary needs like weight control. The company’s headquarters is in Chesterfield, Mo, enjoying a strong market presence in the U.S. and internationally, including China. Despite its success, Solid Gold recalled its WolfCub dog food in 2012 due to possible salmonella contamination. In 2018, a lawsuit claimed Solid Gold’s cat food contained heavy metals and toxins, but levels were within safe limits.

What is Solid Gold?
Solid Gold stands at the forefront of holistic pet nourishment, conceived by Sissy Harrington McGill, who championed a diet rich in natural components since 1974. This brand is celebrated for fusing succulent meats, wholesome grains, and nutrient-packed superfoods to foster pet vitality and digestive health.


Solid Gold logo

The Solid Gold logo features a playful, curvy typeface with a modern twist, predominantly in a teal hue. The brand’s name is styled with a mix of lowercase letters, giving it a casual, yet polished look. The unique ‘i’ in ‘Solid’ is dotted with a creative flourish that adds a touch of whimsy to the design. This logo exudes a sense of fun and healthfulness, reflective of the brand’s approach to pet nutrition.

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