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Orijen is a renowned pet food brand recognized for producing biologically appropriate and high-quality products. Falling under the Champion Petfoods umbrella, it’s committed to sourcing fresh, regional ingredients. Their offerings reflect the diet animals might find in the wild, emphasizing whole prey ratios. With a substantial presence across global markets, North America and Europe are significant for Orijen. As part of the Champion Petfoods portfolio, its ethos revolves around trust, authenticity, and pet health. This Canadian company has earned accolades for its innovative, sustainably-produced pet nutrition.

Meaning and history

Orijen, a pinnacle of pet nutrition, was born from the vision of Champion Petfoods, a Canadian entity. Champion’s journey commenced in 1985, aiming to craft world-class, biologically appropriate pet foods. The name “Orijen” is derived from “original,” signifying a return to pets’ ancestral diets.

In the early days, Champion focused on delivering quality, not quantity, quickly distinguishing itself from mainstream pet food producers. Orijen was introduced as a response to the market’s shifting demand for higher protein, grain-free formulas around the early 2000s. The brand’s emphasis on fresh, regional ingredients quickly resonated with pet owners, elevating Orijen to international acclaim.

Champion’s commitment to innovation led to the establishment of their DogStar Kitchens in Kentucky in 2016, expanding their production capabilities while sticking to their “from farm to bowl” philosophy. This strategic move enhanced their reach in the U.S. market.

While many companies outsourced production or changed hands, Champion retained its independence. This autonomy allowed them to maintain strict quality controls and innovate without compromise. Notably, Orijen’s production journey has remained remarkably consistent, reflecting the brand’s dedication to its founding principles.

Today, Orijen stands as a testament to Champion’s enduring commitment to excellence, having navigated global market shifts, industry challenges, and evolving consumer preferences, always prioritizing pets’ well-being.


Orijen Logo

The logo showcases a vibrant crimson silhouette of a swift-moving dog, its body captured in mid-stride, conveying a sense of motion and vitality. To its left is a canine head profile, with both illustrations outlined in a bold, yet fluid style. Centrally placed is the brand name “Orijen” in a distinctive, flowing red font. The name has a playful interplay of curves, with two dots accentuating the ‘i’ letters, adding a touch of whimsy. Positioned beneath, in a more subdued typeface, is the brand’s motto “NOURISH AS NATURE INTENDED,” reinforcing its commitment to natural nutrition. The entire design embodies energy, nature, and premium quality.

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