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Smirking Face Emojis
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A yellow mischievous face with a sly, smug, suggestive look and facial expressions. The emoji is depicted with a half smile, raised eyebrows, and eyes looking away. This emoji is very popular and has quite a wide range of meanings from positive and even flirty, to sarcastic and not very friendly ones.

The smirking face is a rather “old” emoji that was added to Emoji 0.6 after the Unicode 6.0 classification in 2010.

Meaning of the Smirking Face Emoji

It all depends on the context and the sentence in which the emoji is used. Some people call this emoticon the “Smirking Face Emoji”, and in terms of its meanings, the Smirking Face Emoji is indeed extremely tricky.

This is a smirking face. It shows lips folded into a half-smile, eyes looking away and eyebrows raised. Emojipedia categorizes this emoji as a “smirking face with laughing eyes”, but it’s more of a grimace. It has a hint of anxiety and uncertainty. This emoji can also mean slyness, mockery, and levity. It can be used when flirting and has been used quite often recently specifically to convey flirting or sexual innuendo.

The Use of the Smirking Face Emoji

Smirking Face Emoji

The smirking face emoji is a sly emoticon with a half smile. It is very often used in a sexual context when someone is trying to get to know someone, seduce, and does not mask such intentions. Often this emoticon has used the mean of cool (skeptical) attitude toward something or someone, forbidden pleasure, gloating, knowledge hidden from others, personal superiority, guile or irony.

Examples of Smirking Face Emoji Usage:

  • a phrase with an emphasized sarcastic attitude;
  • an emoji can be used to indicate a general idea.
  • used when flirting or flirting with a person.
  • when a person does not believe what is being said or believes a story to be fictitious.
  • sometimes the interlocutor may use this emoticon when he or she has given advice at one time but was not listened to and failed or was wrong.


This emoji shows a face with a smirk and raised eyebrows and eyes. It is used to express slyness, smugness, mischievousness, and flirtatiousness.

Quite interestingly, according to some studies, a smirking emoji sent from an Apple device is seen as negative by iPhone owners, but on other devices, this emoji comes as an extremely positive emoticon. So the perception of your message using a smirking face emoji depends not only on the meaning you put in but also on the operating system of the recipient.