Skyrim Logo

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Skyrim Logo
The logo of the action role-playing video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the symbol called “The seal of Akatosh”. It is the emblem of the Imperial Legion, the keyarmed force of the Empire of Tamriel.

Meaning and history

Skyrim logo history

As the name of the emblem suggests, “The seal of Akatosh” belongs to the chief deity of the Divines, Akatosh.He has a noble mission of defending the Empire. Akatosh, as the Dragon God of Time, is, in one form or another, present in almost every religion of the imaginary world of the video game with the only exception of the Dunmer.


Skyrim symbol
The Skyrim symbol depicts a stylized dragon with everything a dragon may need: a head on the long neck, two wings, and a tail.

Any hidden meaning behind the emblem?

Skyrim emblem
If you take a closer look, you may notice that the left wing is missing its bottom tip. The authors of the video game have never given any official explanation of the fact, so it appears that there is not any deep symbolic meaning behind it and this is just a stylistic touch.


Font Skyrim Logo
The wordmark features a unique custom typeface. Some of the fonts looking close to it are Trajan, FrizQuadrata, Typo3, Sovngarde, and Medieva.


Color Skyrim Logo
Some of the colors most often featured on the Skyrim logo are black, grey, and white.