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Envoy Air, founded in 1984 as American Eagle Airlines, has established itself as a prominent regional airline in the United States. Under the American Eagle brand, it became a key partner of American Airlines, operating regional flights on behalf of the major carrier. Over the years, Envoy Air has achieved notable milestones, including a fleet expansion and the introduction of modern aircraft. Today, Envoy Air continues to be a vital component of the American Airlines regional network, providing reliable and convenient regional air travel options to passengers across the United States.

Meaning and history

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What is Envoy Air?
Envoy Air is an American regional airline that operates as a subsidiary of American Airlines. It serves as a crucial link between smaller regional airports and major hubs, providing essential connectivity for passengers. With a fleet of regional aircraft, Envoy Air plays a vital role in expanding American Airlines’ network and enhancing overall air travel accessibility in the United States.

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