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Skin+Me is a pioneering UK-based skincare brand, renowned for its personalized treatment plans. Founded by dermatology experts, the company stands out for its custom solutions tailored to individual skin needs, leveraging advanced technology. With a focus on accessibility and effectiveness, Skin+Me offers unique, dermatologically-approved products, revolutionizing personal skincare.

Meaning and history

Birthed amid the bustling innovation of the UK’s beauty industry, Skin+Me materialized with a distinctive aim: to weave the narrative of personalization deeply into the tapestry of skincare. It was the brainchild of skin virtuosos, whose foresight was to amalgamate the finesse of dermatological science with the agility of digital advancements.

Skin+Me’s voyage was inaugurated by the advent of a pioneering digital interface, mimicking the intimacy and expertise of a dermatologist’s touch. This disruptive approach heralded a new epoch in skincare, making individualized treatment regimes a reality for the masses. The brand’s heartbeat was its algorithm-driven analysis, devising custom-blended potions that cater to the unique canvas of each customer’s skin.

Through its evolution, Skin+Me has been steadfast in its principle of evolution and customization, its trajectory punctuated by a relentless pursuit of skin perfection for each customer. The brand’s tale is steeped in the fusion of innovation with tailor-made care, a saga that continues to captivate a dedicated audience. In the current landscape, Skin+Me stands as a paragon of bespoke skincare, each formula a testament to the user’s own skin odyssey.


Skin and Me Logo

The emblem for “Skin+Me” is fashioned with a minimalist aesthetic, utilizing a stark sans-serif typeface that conveys clarity and modernity. Cast in a sun-drenched shade of yellow, emblematic of joy and vivacity, it reflects the brand’s dedication to enlivening and enhancing the skin care experience. The emblem’s layout is strategic—the “+” sign is nestled snugly between “Skin” and “Me,” symbolizing the brand’s core philosophy of personalization in skin health.