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Microsoft Studios published Sea of Thieves in the spring of 2018. The first-person action-adventure game was created by Rare. As of 2021, there are over 20 million players.

Meaning and history

Sea Of Thieves Logo history

The Sea of Thieves logo is all about pirate adventures and buried treasures. Everything, from the shape of the letters to the palette, echoes this theme.

2018 – 2020

Sea Of Thieves Logo old

When searching for an example of the logo, you may come across an older version. While its style is pretty similar to the following one, there are notable differences.

Similar to the current logo, the old one showcases the name of the game in gold tones. There are plenty of hues, from rather bright and shiny ones to darker, nobler old gold. There are even greenish hues in the lower parts of the glyphs.

What is Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game first conceptualized in 2014. Here, players act as pirates joined in groups. The aim of each player is to go on voyages and, eventually to attain the status of a Pirate Legend.

We can imagine that gold pieces from the pirate chest might look like this. Of course, as you probably know, in actuality, pirates rarely buried treasure. So, buried treasures are more of a myth than reality. Yet, this myth is so popular and alluring that it’s easy to use it as an inspiration for the logo.

To support this theme, the designers who worked on the logo also used other “pirate” elements. For instance, the “o” has been replaced by a skull. This is one of the widely used symbols in everything that refers to the pirate theme. Skulls often appear in the game itself, too. The shape of the “T” makes the glyph somewhat similar to either a bow with an arrow or an epee.

2020 – present

Sea Of Thieves Logo

At first glance, it’s not that easy to spot the differences between the updated Sea of Thieves logo and the previous one. Yet, despite their similarity, you may notice differences if you take a closer look.

Firstly, the orientation of the lines is slightly different. In the older logo, the “S” is directed upward, whereas the updated “S” is straighter. Due to it, the whole word “Sea” looks straighter.

The contrast between the last “s” in the two versions is also remarkable. The newer version has a rounded top and a flatter lower part. In the older version, conversely, the top was flatter, while the lower part was rounded.

The “T” was more tilted in the older version, while in the following logo it is almost straight. It also has a longer bar here, which makes it more similar to an epee than before. The epee is oriented almost horizontally now, while in the previous version, it was more of a diagonal line.

Even more notably, the skull looks pretty different.


Sea Of Thieves Emblem

The website icon features the skull from the main logo. Here, it’s not gold but black and white. In all honesty, there is an overload of small details, which makes the design difficult to discern at such a small size.

Colors and font

Sea Of Thieves Font

Gold hues seem to be a perfect fit for a game focusing on the pirate theme. The Sea of Thieves logo combines several shades to imitate old gold.

The letters are pretty legible, although they don’t come from a ready-made font.