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Among Us is a worldwide known computer game created in 2018. The game has existed for more than two years, but it has become megapopular only in 2021. You can play Among Us both from your computer and from your phone, and it’s free on mobile devices. The game was developed by just three people, who in no time at all managed to create a world-famous project.

Meaning and history

Among Us Logo

The plot of the game is quite simple: in each round from 4 to 10 players perform tasks on the map, with 1 to 3 players randomly turned out to be traitors. This is set by the creator of each particular map. The purpose of the traitors is to get rid of the crew and to do it in such a way that no one will suspect that it is him.

What is Among Us?
Among Us is the name of an online game in which players must find among the crew of a spaceship a traitor whose goal is to kill everyone. The game, based on the classic “Mafia” was released in 2018 and became incredibly popular in the blink of an eye. Today it has millions of players of different ages from all over the globe.

The AmongUs is actually a modern version of the classic Mafia game, so players may not wake up. However, such scenes look rather comical, cartoonish, and funny. All because of the simple and naive design – in this case, it’s more of an advantage, because the game looks innocent enough.

This design innocence is also projected to the visual identity of the game. The official logo is composed of a stylized wordmark with the first letter replaced by a graphical symbol. According to the plot of the platformer, the crew of the spaceship must prepare it for departure, and the traitors must kill all the civilians.

Among As has characters of different colors that are beloved by players from all over the world. These little cosmonauts look adorable even the treacherous traitors. When you join the game, you will automatically be assigned a color. So these guys from a spaceship crew are the main characters, adopted for the emblem and symbol of the game.

The first letter of the logo, “A”, is drawn in contours of the main character, with thick black crayon-style lines, with all following letters in the same style and color, looking amateur yet progressive and memorable.

The simplicity of the palette and style of the official Among Us logo is explained by the rich colors of the game and its characters themselves. So the insignias in bold black or dark gray lines are equally strong and visible on any background and in any surroundings.

In addition to the primary version, there is also an inverted one — with the white lettering and the stylized “A” in white, outlined in black. It is mostly used for dark backgrounds. Also, the third type of the Along Us logo can be sometimes seen — an outlined and shadowed one. In this case, the logo looks more mysterious and dark.


Among Us Symbol

The symbol of the famous online game is a funny member of the spaceship crew, drawn as an arched abstract element with a smooth rectangular blue glass in its spacesuit. The developers created astronauts with twelve colors of spacesuits. These little people have an adorable look. Even the traitors do. The color is assigned when joining the game world.

As a result – the color of the spacesuit can become red, blue, orange, and purple, lime, dark green, white, yellow, brown, or black. Each of the colors has special characteristics behind it. And these traits make the game more interesting. For its official symbol, the developers have chosen the Red Among Us.

Among Us Emblem

Here is what it means in-game. Playing a character of this color, be wary of the fact that your game mates in the game world will not trust you, even though you are a peaceful player. You can be eliminated. Choosing a red character, keep in mind – the color of danger will attract the attention of others, and can cause a negative attitude towards you. Few people will believe you if you try to prove someone’s guilt.

But red is also a color of passion and power, which is a really good choice for visual identity, especially, when the official logotype of the game is executed in a plain black and white palette. Red adds brightness and visibility.

Font and color

Among Us Font


The cool uppercase Among Us logotype is executed in a custom handwritten typeface with plain lines, a bit messy and uneven contours, and no serifs or inclinations. Looking like a crayon-written, the wordmark uses a font, which is similar to Rearview Mirror Regular, Lazy Morning Regular, or Tournedos Lite Regular, though with some shapes modified.

As for the color palette, the official logo is executed in black and white, while the emblem and symbol of the game use gradient red, with some blue, white, and gray elements. This is where the simplicity and professionalism of the main insignia are balanced with the energy, progressiveness, and positivity of the graphical logo element.

The red emblem is not only the celebration of the most famous game character but also a reflection of the passion, power, and dynamics of the video game and its developers.

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