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MV Group is a diversified conglomerate based in the Baltic region. Engaged in various sectors, it primarily focuses on production, real estate, and energy. With brands like Stumbras and Gubernija, they’re a prominent player in the beverages industry. Additionally, they’ve invested in sustainable energy projects, emphasizing green solutions. MV Group extends its reach beyond Lithuania, targeting markets in Europe and beyond. Owned and operated by the Vilniaus Prekyba Group, one of the largest retail companies in the Baltics, MV Group stands as a testament to regional business growth and innovation.

Meaning and history

MV Group’s journey began as a regional player in Lithuania and evolved into a prominent conglomerate in the Baltic region. Starting with a focus on the production sector, especially in beverages, the company expanded its footprint, gaining recognition with brands like Stumbras and Gubernija. Over the years, MV Group diversified its portfolio, delving into real estate and sustainable energy projects.

Ownership transitions marked key milestones in the company’s history. Initially, it operated as an independent entity, but strategic decisions led to its acquisition by the Vilniaus Prekyba Group. This takeover bolstered MV Group’s market presence, leveraging Vilniaus Prekyba’s extensive retail network in the Baltics.

Diversification became a core strategy for MV Group. Venturing beyond production, they delved into real estate, capitalizing on the booming Baltic property market. Their energy projects displayed a commitment to sustainability, aligning with global shifts towards greener solutions.

Challenges were inevitable. The Baltic market, while promising, was competitive. MV Group, however, managed to navigate these challenges by innovating and adapting to market demands. Whether it was introducing new product lines or expanding to untapped markets, the company showcased resilience and foresight.

Today, MV Group stands as a testament to growth, diversification, and adaptability. From its humble beginnings in Lithuania to its expansive presence across Europe, its story is one of ambition and vision, underpinned by strategic ownership transitions and a commitment to excellence.


MV Group Logo

The logo showcases the bold letters “MV” in a striking black font on the left, seamlessly leading to a faceted pink gem-like icon. This gem, radiating hues from soft pink to deeper shades, exudes a sense of multifaceted dynamism. Adjacent to the gem, the word “Group” is inscribed in the same bold black font, completing the design. Overall, the combination of typography and the radiant gem icon provides a modern, sophisticated, and unique aesthetic.