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Partido Popular (PP) is a major conservative political party in Spain, founded by Manuel Fraga Iribarne in 1989. The party was formed as a successor to the Alianza Popular, a coalition of right-wing parties. Its current leader is Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Partido Popular primarily operates within Spain, holding significant influence in both local and national governance.

Meaning and history

Partido Popular Logo history

Partido Popular was established in 1989 by Manuel Fraga Iribarne, a former minister during Franco’s dictatorship, aiming to unite the right-wing factions in Spain. The party’s foundation marked a significant step in consolidating conservative politics post-Franco era, transitioning from the broader coalition of the Alianza Popular. Over the years, Partido Popular has played a pivotal role in Spain’s political landscape. It first came to power in 1996 under the leadership of José María Aznar, who implemented several economic reforms and supported Spain’s integration into the European Union. Aznar’s policies are credited with modernizing the Spanish economy.

Under subsequent leaders, the party has continued to influence Spain’s domestic and foreign policies. Notably, during Mariano Rajoy’s tenure, the party faced severe challenges such as the economic crisis and the Catalan independence referendum. Despite these hurdles, the party managed to implement austerity measures and fiscal policies that helped Spain exit its financial crisis. Today, under Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Partido Popular is positioning itself as a stable conservative force, advocating for economic reforms, social stability, and unity within Spain amidst contemporary political fluctuations.

What is Partido Popular?
Partido Popular is a key player in Spanish politics, known for its conservative and Christian democratic ideologies. It significantly shapes legislative agendas and public policies, striving to enhance Spain’s economic and global standing.

1989 – 1993

Partido Popular Logo 1989

The 1989 logo of Partido Popular features a dynamic design that highlights a sense of movement and forward momentum. The logo consists of the party’s name, “Partido Popular,” written in bold red letters. The text is slightly italicized, enhancing the sense of speed and progress. Above and partially integrated into the text is a stylized blue seagull in flight, symbolizing freedom and aspiration. The seagull’s wings spread wide, creating a sense of openness and inclusivity. The combination of red and blue colors represents a blend of passion and stability, reflecting the party’s commitment to dynamic yet responsible governance. The overall design is simple yet impactful, effectively conveying the party’s core values of progress and unity.

1993 – 2000

Partido Popular Logo 1993

The 1993 logo of Partido Popular introduces a more compact and modern design compared to its predecessor. This logo features the initials “PP” in bold red letters, stacked vertically. The letters are solid and robust, indicating strength and resilience. Above the initials is a blue silhouette of a seagull in flight, maintaining continuity with the previous logo’s symbolism. The seagull’s streamlined shape suggests a more contemporary and forward-thinking approach. The red and blue color scheme remains, symbolizing the party’s enduring commitment to passion and stability. The overall design is minimalistic yet powerful, reflecting the party’s evolution towards a more modern and cohesive identity.

2000 – 2007

Partido Popular Logo 2000

The 2000 logo of Partido Popular continues the evolution of the party’s visual identity with a design that emphasizes simplicity and clarity. This logo features the initials “PP” in bold red letters, similar to the 1993 version but with a slightly more modern typeface. Above the initials is a streamlined blue seagull, suggesting freedom and vision. The seagull’s wings are more elongated, giving a sense of elevation and aspiration. The use of red and blue continues to represent the party’s core values of passion and stability. This logo is designed to be easily recognizable and versatile, suitable for various applications from print to digital media. The clean and straightforward design reflects the party’s focus on clear and effective communication with the public.


Partido Popular Logo 2007

The 2007 logo of Partido Popular marks a significant shift in the party’s branding with a bold and vibrant design. The logo features the initials “PP” in white against an orange background, creating a striking contrast. Above the initials is a white silhouette of a seagull, maintaining the symbol of freedom and aspiration. The orange background adds a new dimension to the party’s visual identity, representing energy, enthusiasm, and a forward-looking perspective. The use of white for the initials and the seagull suggests purity and clarity, aligning with the party’s commitment to transparency and integrity. This logo is designed to stand out and make a strong visual impact, reflecting the party’s dynamic and proactive approach to politics.


Partido Popular Logo 2008

The 2008 logo of Partido Popular adopts a more contemporary and cohesive design, featuring a circular blue background with the initials “PP” in bold black letters at the center. Above the initials is a black silhouette of a seagull, which is streamlined and dynamic, symbolizing vision and progress. The blue background represents stability and trust, while the black letters and seagull convey strength and determination. This logo is designed to be modern and versatile, suitable for various media platforms. The circular shape adds a sense of unity and inclusiveness, reflecting the party’s aim to bring together diverse groups under a common vision. The overall design is clean, professional, and impactful, aligning with the party’s goals of clear and effective communication.

2008 – 2015

Partido Popular Logo 2008-2015

The logo of Partido Popular features a square blue background with rounded corners, emphasizing modernity and approachability. At the center, the initials “PP” are rendered in bold white letters, providing a stark and clear contrast against the blue backdrop. Above the initials, a white silhouette of a seagull in flight symbolizes freedom and aspiration. The blue color scheme signifies stability and trust, while the rounded square frame conveys a sense of inclusiveness and community. This design is sleek and contemporary, reflecting the party’s commitment to progress and its adaptability to modern political dynamics.

2015 – 2019

Partido Popular Logo 2015

The 2015 logo of Partido Popular takes on a minimalist and modern approach with a circular blue background. The initials “PP” are prominently displayed in the center in white, bold letters. Above the initials, a white silhouette of a seagull is depicted, symbolizing freedom and a forward-looking vision. The circle format adds a sense of unity and completeness, while the blue color maintains the party’s association with stability and trust. This logo’s clean and straightforward design is versatile and easily recognizable, aligning with the party’s goal of effective and clear communication.

2019 – 2022

Partido Popular Logo 2019

The 2019 logo of Partido Popular introduces a more vibrant and dynamic design. Set against a deep blue circular background, the initials “PP” are presented in white, bold letters. Above the initials, an abstract depiction of a seagull’s wings in gradient shades of red and orange brings a fresh and energetic feel to the logo. This gradient adds depth and a modern touch, symbolizing the party’s forward momentum and adaptability. The blue circle continues to represent stability and unity, while the innovative use of color highlights the party’s dynamic approach to contemporary politics. This logo is designed to be eye-catching and memorable, reflecting the party’s evolving identity.

2022 – Today

Partido Popular Logo

The latest logo of Partido Popular features a modern and refined design. The logo consists of the initials “PP” in bold blue letters, maintaining the party’s traditional color that signifies trust and stability. Above the initials, an elegant and minimalist depiction of a seagull’s wings is integrated, symbolizing freedom and vision. The overall design is sleek and contemporary, with clean lines and a simple color palette that reflects clarity and professionalism. This logo is versatile and easily adaptable for various media, showcasing the party’s commitment to clear communication and a forward-thinking approach.