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Schwarzkopf is the name of a haircare brand, which was established at the end of the 19th century in Germany. Today the label, founded by Hans Schwarzkopf, is owned by Henkel, one of the world’s largest groups, and distributes its home-care and professional products through stores and beauty salons all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Schwarzkopf logo

The brand was born in a small pharmacy in Berlin, and already in 1903, the first labeled shampoo was introduced to the public. It was a powder, packed in a square can, with a large black profile of a man placed above a sharp modern “Shampoou MIT Dem Schwarzen Kopf” inscription. The initial logo was all executed in black and printed on light yellow paper.

The first liquid shampoo was released by the brand in 1927, and this is when the visual identity started to change, becoming more sleek and modern. The black head gained refined contours and started looking more tender and elegant. In the first shampoo bottles, the emblem was enclosed in a thin black circle.

The main feature of the man in the Schwarzkopf emblem is his curly short hair, which became instantly recognizable throughout the years and synonymous with haircare products.

As for the lettering, it could be written in different styles and colors, starting with blue cursive and finishing with straight black serif lines, which we all can see today. The iconic Schwarzkopf nameplate in an elegant and strict serif font was first used on the branded shampoo bottles in the 1950s, but for most labels, only the blackhead emblem was used.

The brand was acquired by Henkel in 1985, and since that time the logo, composed of an emblem and a wordmark under it, was set on all the Schwarzkopf packaging.

Font and color

Schwarzkopf uses two different typefaces for its regular and professional product lines, but they both look elegant and timeless. The typeface, used for mass-market collections, is very similar to such fonts as Linotype Aperto Std Bold and Dragon FF Regular, with their delicate sharp serifs and bold neat lines.

Logo Schwarzkopf

As for the Schwarzkopf Professional line, its logo is written in a more classy and solid serif font, the one close to Neue Swift Pro Light and Hollander Pro Regular. As for the tagline, it is set in all capitals and uses a simple yet sophisticated serif typeface, with all letters placed pretty far from each other.

The German hair care brand uses a traditional and timeless monochrome color palette for its visual identity. This allows placing the logo on various backgrounds without losing its recognizability and individuality. Though sometimes the Schwarzkopf inscription can be written in write for better contrast.