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ASRock is a Taiwanese brand of motherboards designer and manufacturer. It was established in 2002 by Ted Hsu and Wein Hsieh, and today it’s the third biggest manufacturer of computer-hardware in the world, owned by Pegatron.

Meaning and history

ASRock logo

ASRock has a unique for its industry approach to manufacturing — it is trying to follow the eco-friendly concept. Moreover, the brand is famous for its 3C motto: “Creativity, Consideration, Cost-effectiveness”.

The ASRock logo was influenced by the brand’s values and its history. As the company was a part of Asus, the first two letters of its wordmark is a bow to Asus trademark. “A” and “S” are executed with the use of the same custom typeface, while the “Rock” part is different.

A slightly flattened “O” with a circle inside resembles an eye, which symbolizes the look into the future and innovative approach of the brand.

The brand’s value of ecology is perfectly shown in the logo’s color palette. ASRock uses a bright green for its wordmark and white for the background.

Green is a symbol of life, energy and nature, as well as eco-centric thinking.

The ASRock logo is fresh and vivid, which is unusual for the brands in this industry. It is confident and modern, reflecting the brand’s values, it’s creativity and innovative technologies. The brand’s logo evokes a sense of harmony and trust, balance and reliability.

The ASRock logo created a unique image of a brand, as ecological and technological.