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Meaning and history

San Diego Clippers Logo history

When the club moved to San Diego in 1979, it was renamed San Diego Clippers and, therefore, the need for a new logo arouse. Their first emblem was abstract and consisted of geometric shapes. There were three white overlapping triangles and a red circle above them. All these were placed inside a blue circle.

1978 – 1982

San Diego Clippers Logo 1978
The initial emblem for the Clippers was created in 1978 and boasted an interesting modern composition with special geometry and an intense color palette. The solid blue circle had three white overlapping triangles placed on it diagonally and a smaller red circle, coming out of the white structure. The “San Diego” inscription in blue capitals was placed on the bottom part of the white triangle, and the “Clippers” was written in red over the bottom part of the emblem.

1982 – 1984

San Diego Clippers logo
The redesign of 1982 kept the white, blue, and red color palette of the Clippers logo, but changed the composition. Now it was a contoured red basketball with three lines coming out to the left and two — to the right, as a sign of motion and speed. The “San Diego Clippers” lettering was set on a white background in blue italicized letters, looking modest entry very elegant.

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