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Meaning and history

San Diego Clippers Logo history

When the club moved to San Diego in 1979, it was renamed San Diego Clippers and, therefore, the need for a new logo arouse. Their first emblem was abstract and consisted of geometric shapes. There were three white overlapping triangles and a red circle above them. All these were placed inside a blue circle.

The emblem symbolized a ship, which was perfectly natural, taking into consideration the new name of the team (clipper is a fast sailing ship). The clipper with white sails (the triangles) was moving under the hot sun (the circle) shining in the blue sky. The shade of blue was darker than on the second logo, it looked more like the dark blue of the original 1971 logo. Below the emblem, there was the text “San Diego” (blue) and “Clippers” (red).

1978 — 1982

San Diego Clippers Logo 1978

1982 — 1984

San Diego Clippers logo


Los Angeles Clippers Symbol

The logotype adopted in 1982 remained almost unchanged for the following 33 years. It featured a flying white basketball with a red outline. The name of the team was placed on this background. In 1984, as the team moved to Los Angeles, the lettering “San Diego” was replaced.

la clippers logo

As the result of the next facelift, which took place in 2010, the ball was rotated, while the letters in “Los Angeles” were enlarged. The overall design, which has been often compared to that of the LA Lakers logo, remained the same.