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While the Safeguard logo has gone through numerous modifications since 1960, there has been some consistency. All the versions have featured a shield (as a symbol of protection) and blue (as a symbol of water and purity).

Meaning and history

Safeguard Logo history


Safeguard Logo-1960

The original logo features a script inspired by handwriting.


Safeguard Logo-1966

The type grows simpler, although it is still italicized. The word “Safeguard” is white over the blue background.

Logo Safeguard


Safeguard Logo-1972

The colors of the shield are slightly modified.


Safeguard Logo-1987

The palette appears somewhat darker.


Safeguard Logo-1994

The blue shape in the background grows smaller.

Logo Safeguard1

We should point out that the company used slightly different packages (and logos) in different countries.


Safeguard Logo-2007

The Safeguard logo was redrawn from scratch. The lettering was now positioned diagonally as was the shield.


Safeguard Logo

The lettering still goes up, while the shield is positioned straight.