Safe Auto Logo

Safe Auto Logo

Safe Auto is an American automobile insurance firm, which was founded in 1993. Today the company has offices all over the USA and is considered to be one of the most reliable brands on the vehicle insurance market.

Meaning and history

Safe Auto Logo history

The Safe Auto visual identity resembles a car badge. The sleek emblem in red evokes a sense of power and authority.

The logo consisted of a wordmark in two levels and an emblem on its left. The gray lettering in all capitals features a strong and straight sans-serif typeface with clear masculine lines.

The lower “Insurance” part is executed in thin geometric font, balancing the boldness of the “Safeauto”.

Safe Auto Logo

The Safe Auto emblem is a stylized monogram. Both “S” and “A” are written in lowercase and connected to each other. They are drawn in similar silhouettes except for the vertical bar of the “A”. The emblem looks smooth and complete, with a little sharp element between the letters, which adds individuality to the whole logo.

The red and gray color palette of the Safe Auto logo is a representation of confidence and professionalism. It evokes a sense of energy and protection, showing the main characteristics of the company-provider of the insurance services.