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Aviva plc is a British insurance company seated in London. It was founded in 2000 by the merger of Norwich Union, founded back in 1792, and the Commercial and General Union.

Aviva can trace its history back to the establishment of the Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society in London in 1696.

Today Aviva plc is the fourth-largest insurance company in Great Britain in the world rating it occupies the fourth place. The company operates in the fields of insurance, investment and savings services and it is recognized as the leader in life and pension insurance in Europe. Its yearly turnover in 2010 was about 91 billion US dollars while the net income reached 2,95 billion US dollars.

Meaning and history

Aviva CGNU Logo history

2000 – 2002

Aviva Logo-2000

Aviva logo was developed in 2000 after the merger of Norwich and Commercial and General Unions. It had an emblem and the company name in block letters. Initially, it was the abbreviation of the names of the companies that had composed the new venture: CGNU.

The emblem was made in the form of a rectangle with an arched bottom line composed of three vertical fields. The left one, which was the largest of all three, was made in deep admiral blue colour. The right one, much narrower, was in dark green. In between the two fields, there was a cone with its sharp end pointed upward. It was in light yellow. The cone was referred to the previous logo of Norwich Union, where it used to be a part of a Gothic spire. Thus, it was regarded as a unity of a modern logo style with a traditional one, underlining the everlasting history of the company with a long history.

2002 – now

Aviva Logo

In 2002 the name Aviva was adopted. The word is of Hebrew origin meaning “springtime”. Accordingly, the company logo was changed. Now it had the name “AVIVA” in block letters under the same emblem taken from the 2000 version. Nevertheless, the emblem’ colour palette was also modified. The left field became light cobalt blue, the spire took the honey yellow tone and the right part was had a light chartreuse green tone.

Logo Aviva

The wordmark letters were made in elegant serif font very close to the commercial Mart Ultra and the colour was also changed to light cobalt blue as the left part of the emblem.