Sacramento Kings Logo

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sacramento kings logo

The US basketball team Sacramento Kings has gone through several brand identity overhauls, including new names and logotypes. And yet, the logos have been rather consistent in some of the design elements (for instance, the shield shape and the half basketball).

Meaning and history

Sacramento Kings Logo history

The shield was the base around which the very first team’s logo (1946) was built. Back then, the club was called Rochester Royals.

Having relocated to Cincinnati in 1957, the team adopted a completely new emblem depicting basketball with a cartoon face.

In 1971, the iconic shield shape comprising a red crown and a blue half-basketball was introduced. The combination has been used in almost all of the team’s following logotypes, with the exception of the 1995-2016 emblem. In the original 1971 logo, there was the word “Royals” in the middle of the shield, which was replaced with “Kings” in 1972, following the team’s relocation to Kansas City and rebranding. Originally, the text “Kansas City” could be seen below the emblem, but in 1975 it was placed above the crown. It was replaced by “Sacramento” in 1986 when the club left Kansas City.

The 1995 symbol

Sacramento Kings symbol

The emblem didn’t look like any of its predecessors. The typeface and color palette (grey, purple, black, and white) were new, as well as the emblem, comprising a crown with two spears in the background.

The 2016 emblem

sacramento kings emblem

Not only the shape of the basketball and the crown was refined, but also an updated color scheme was introduced featuring grey and purple on the white background.


new sacramento kings logo

The typeface featured in the 2016 Sacramento Kings logo looks similar to the one used in the previous version in its style, yet it has been slightly modified.