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Air Tahiti Nui is a French airline founded in 1996 by the government of French Polynesia. Since its establishment, the airline has achieved significant milestones, including being the first Tahitian carrier to operate long-haul flights. It is renowned for its excellent service and unique Polynesian-inspired cabin interiors. Air Tahiti Nui currently operates a fleet of modern aircraft, providing non-stop connections from Tahiti to major destinations such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Paris. The airline continues to serve as a vital link between French Polynesia and the rest of the world, showcasing the beauty and hospitality of the islands.

Meaning and history

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What is Air Tahiti Nui?
Air Tahiti Nui is an airline based in Papeete, Tahiti, and serves as the flag carrier of French Polynesia. It operates long-haul flights connecting Tahiti with various destinations in Europe, the United States, and Asia. The airline is known for providing a comfortable travel experience and showcasing the vibrant Polynesian culture on board its flights.

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