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Pupa is an Italian company founded in 1976. The brand belongs to Micys Company S. p. a. According to the company, the number of countries where it sells its products exceeds 70.

Meaning and history

Logo Pupa

The Pupa logo is eye-catching and easy to grasp. The vivid red is a guarantee that the design is immediately noticeable among its competitors.

The name of the brand is very short, which makes it fast to read. The choice of the type helps it a lot, too – it is perfectly legible. Nevertheless, the design has a unique touch. You can notice it, for instance, in the curve replacing the horizontal bar of the “A” or in the way the bottom of the “U” is formed.

What is Pupa?
Pupa is an Italian cosmetic company known for its innovative and high-quality beauty products. With a focus on creating colorful and trend-setting makeup, Pupa offers a wide range of cosmetics that cater to diverse beauty needs and preferences.