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The Rexona logo has gone a long way since 1969 when it was first introduced – it has been modified around 10 times.

Meaning and history

Rexona Logo history


Rexona Logo-1969

The original design featured the word “Rexona” in black with the initial in red.


Rexona Logo-1980

The wordmark grew all black.


The serifs disappeared altogether.

Logo Rexona


Rexona Logo-1990

The end of the “R” grew shorter, and there were several other modifications in the type.


Rexona Logo-2000

The distinctive link between the “e” and “x” was introduced, the type was replaced by a serif one.


Rexona Logo-2004

The serifs disappeared. The lettering grew blue. The tick mark was introduced.

Emblem Rexona


Rexona Logo-2007

The tick moved up.


Rexona Logo-2010

The tick moved even higher and was now positioned above the word “Rexona.”


Rexona Logo

The type was simplified, the logo grew flat. In some countries, a blue version of the Rexona logo is used. Here, the tick is below the wordmark.

Font and color

The strong and elegant Rexona logotype is a reflection of style, confidence, and stability. Executed in a fancy custom typeface with slightly elongated and pointed tails of the thin sophisticated letters, it looks trendy and playful at the same time. The typeface was designed exclusively for the brand, but it is based on such fonts as Tschichold Condensed or EconoSans Pro 65 Medium, with the lines modified and “E” and “X” connected.

The monochrome color palette of the Rexona logo elevated the look of the whole image and makes it look powerful and modern. It also evokes a sense of professionalism and expertise which the brand puts in each of its products.