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PricewaterhouseCoopers unites a network of firms offering professional services in 157 countries worldwide (as of 2020). It is one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Meaning and history

PricewaterhouseCoopers Logo

1998 – 2010

PricewaterhouseCoopers Logo 1998

The network was officially founded as the result of the merger of Coopers & Lybrand with Price Waterhouse.
The original PricewaterhouseCoopers logo featured the name of the brand in a type that could seem a bit too playful for an organization dealing with such “serious” matters as PwC does. The letters did not want to form a straight line but rather “danced.”
The “PWC” monogram was somewhat reminiscent of a nobleman’s monogram, thus suggesting that the company had a long history. Yet, the emblem still did not contain any hint concerning the type of company to which it belonged and, in fact, was too generic for an organization of such a scale.

2010 – Today


The brand identity went through a complete overhaul. The project was developed in collaboration with Wolff Olins.
To begin with, the name of the brand was shortened. The new PWC logo was introduced in the fall of 2010. The orange, yellow, and red bricks seen on it were inspired by the game Jenga, according to the network’s official website.
As Shahliza Rafiq, General Manager in PwC Malaysia, explained, “building trust is much like this game,” where you build a tower while removing blocks from its base. She mentioned that both in Jenga and in the segment where her company works, “every action, good and bad, stacks up.” Also, they both involve working together to a common goal.
The type is a simple sans serif one with a unique touch.