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Portland State University is the name of an educational institution located in Oregon, United States. The university’s 7 colleges provide bachelor, doctoral and master’s degrees in around 240 academic subjects of multiple corners of social and business sciences. PSU is ranked as an institution conducting a high research activity, often collaborating with nationwide agencies and governmental organizations. The university athletic teams are called Vikings. They play in top-tier competitions such as NCAA.

Meaning and history

Portland State University Logo history

The university appeared in 1946 as Vanport Extension Center. Founded by Edward Epler, VEC was supposed to be a college for the retired veterans of the World War II. After the Vanport city was destroyed in the flood of 1948, the school became known as ‘the school that wouldn’t die’ for refusing to close. Instead, it was relocated to Portland and changed its name to ‘Portland State Extension Center’ in 1951. Four years later, it grew into a four-year educational organization, providing degrees, and changed the name to ‘Portland State College’. Finally, in 1969, it gained a status of a university.

What is Portland State University?
Portland State University is a science research institution, providing scientific preparation to students from across the United States. Having the main campus in downtown Portland, the university has 7 major colleges, as well as many departments and labs, in which thousands of students and professors explore more than 200 academic specializations focusing on multiple areas of social, liberal and technical arts. The university also carries many organizations and communities. Their varsity teams compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association under the overall ‘Vikings’ name.

1946 – today

Portland State University Logo 1946

The PSU seal is a signature consisting of three elements: an outer ring with the brand’s name and the date of foundation; a central symbol composed of many circles intertwining one another and having rhombic figures in some sections between the circles; and two wavy ribbons placed over the central symbol. On the lines, there is the university’s ‘Doctrina Urbi Serviat’ motto, translatable as ‘Let Knowledge Serve the City’. All the components are highlighted by multiple lines.

1969 – 2006

Portland State University Logo 1969

2006- today

Portland State University Logo

The logotype can be divided into two elements: a cross and the name caption.  Inside the cross, there are three links, looking like the letters. The ‘S’ character lays at the center, while the ‘P’ and ‘U’ letters are drawn from above and below, respectively. The text caption is located to the right. It’s a two-line inscription, whereas the lower ‘University’ word is downsized.


Portland State University Symbol

The nameplate in the logotype is written in two typefaces. The lower ‘University’ word has an uppercase font with large gaps between straight sans-serif letters. The upper ‘Portland State’ part is highlighted using a bold serif script. The first letters of the words are capitals, while the following characters are lowercase.


Portland State University Emblem

Traditionally, the university’s color palette consisted of green as the main shade, but there were also additional color such as black and white. The seal is featured as a green circle with white ovals, contoured black. On the ovals, there are green rhombs. The lines featuring the motto have a white and green coloring, while the slogan itself is black. The outer part of the seal features the white name. As for the logotype, so the signature here is green, while the links inside it can be white or uncolored. To the right, there is the black nameplate.

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