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Point Blank is the name of a shooter series, designed for game-consoles in 1994. The famous game has many releases and is available for PlayStation, Nintendo, and Arcade consoles, as well as for iOS and Windows operating systems. There are two different modes to play — single and multi-player.

Meaning and history

Point Blank logo

The Point Blank logo was designed in 1994 and hasn’t changed much by today, as it was created bright, memorable, and cool, so there was no reason to redraw it. The logo is composed of a bold playful wordmark with a couple of graphical elements in and around it. It reflects an entertaining character of the game and evokes a sense of energy and interest.

The Point Blank wordmark is sent in two levels, where both parts are executed in the same style and color palette, which is blue, pink, and black. The gradient blue-to-pink scheme of the letters has also an addition of white, which makes the whole image fresher and balanced the bold black outline. The inscription also features a bright pink shadow, looking fancy and funny at the same time.

The wordmark is written in a custom graffiti-style sans-serif, with all the letters glued to each other. The smooth lines here are mixed with arched bars and sharp angles, which look friendly and progressive. The negative space of “B” and “O” features little black triangles, resembling a “Play” button, while the letter “P” has a texture of a glass broken from a bullet.

The bullet, colored yellow, comes out from the gun, which replaces the letter “T” at the end of the “Point”, and goes through the “P”, sneakily smiling. The dot above the letter “I” is replaced by a yellow smoke, which comes out of the gun.

Overall, the Point Blank logo is very intense and bright. It has many colorful elements and looks inviting and promising for those who want to play a light and easy game without any drama and blood.

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