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The Q&A platform Quora is keeping up with its peers and is keeping up with the times, and even ahead of them. In 2023 it introduced its own chatbot Poe, which answers the user’s questions with the help of other chatbots.

Meaning and history

At the beginning of 2023, the CEO and co-founder of the social service Quora announced on Twitter that his company had released an app called Poe that would allow anyone to create their bot using artificial intelligence.

At launch, Poe (Platform for Open Exploration) was only available on iOS, but Quora promised to deploy it on all major platforms within a few months. Poe is based on 3 different chatbots that can be switched between at runtime: Sage, Dragonfly (powered by OpenAI technologies), and Claude (developed by a startup called Attrhoris, launched by former OpenAI employees).

Poe’s instructions recommend using Claude Instant for creative writing and Claude Plus for more complex tasks. Sage and ChatGPT are better at languages other than English, and Dragonfly “gives shorter answers.

Quora explained that it decided to launch Poe as a separate product, independent of Quora itself, because of the rapid pace of development and changes in the field of AI.

What is Poe?
Poe is the name of an Artificial Intelligence application, designed for communicating with ChatGPT and other chatbots, where you can switch conversations like in Messenger and share replies in your feed. The app was developed by Quora at the beginning of 2023. The main feature of Poe is that the user can choose – which of the 3 interlocutors will answer his questions.

In terms of visual identity, Poe is a very bright application with a youthful mood and bold character. The main element of the Poe logo is, definitely, its color palette, which represents the chatbot’s features and opportunities, and shows it as an innovative and developing application.

2023 – Today

Poe Chatbot Logo

The Poe logo was introduced at the beginning of 2023, with the launch of the application by Quora. The logo depicts a stylized rectangular dialogue bubble with emboldened and softened sides and cut-out angles. The white bubble also has two vertical ovals, making up the eyes. The white image is set on a gradient purple-to-pink background and is sometimes followed by a white wordmark, but the primary version of the logo has no lettering on it.

Font and color

Poe Chatbot Emblem

The bright and vibrant logo of the Poe application doesn’t usually include any wordmark, but when the lettering is used with the emblem, it is set in the title case of a bold geometric sans-serif typeface, which looks very close to such fonts as Oceanwide Pro Medium, or TT Commons Pro Expanded DemiBold, with the extended and stable characters.

As for the color palette of the Poe visual identity, it is composed of white, the color of loyalty and transparency, purple, the color of creativity and wisdom, and pink, the shade, which symbolized attention to the users, and the desire of the developers to bring great experience to their lives.