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Playboi Carti LogoPlayboi Carti Logo

Playboi Carti is the name of an American rap singer; who was born in 1995 in Atlanta. The musician, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, became famous in 2017, after the release of Magnolia and Woke Up Like This singles.

Meaning and history

Playboi Carti is known as a rapper, writing songs about the problems of modern society. Already at the beginning of his career, the performer found his recognizable style, which music critics called childish for its high frequencies and indistinct pronunciation.

Born in 1995, during his teenage years, Jordan Terrell Carter was into basketball, and this sports period helped him not to get into trouble, and avoid the destiny of many other popular rappers “from the streets”.

The passion for music also appeared in the early years. Jordan’s older brother Reggie got Carti hooked on music popular on the streets of Atlanta at the time. Already at the age of 14 Jordan, under the scenic name Sir Carti, took part in two musical projects, launched by his friends.

The world’s popularity came to the musician in 2017, when he released his first mixtape. The mixtape attracted the attention of many music publications, and two compositions of the album, Magnolia, and Woke Up Like This – entered the Billboard Hot 100.

What is Playboi Carti?

Playboi Carti is a famous American rebel rapper, who exposes the actual problems of society in his compositions. Jordan Terrell Carter (the real name of Carti) was born in 1995 in Atlanta.

In terms of visual identity, the rapper is being pretty direct and obvious, using the playboy emblem to replace the “Playboi” part of his name and following it with the lowercase wordmark. The black and white color palette of the badge can sometimes be extended, with the badge decorated by bright graphical elements.

2017 – Today

Playboi Carti Logo

The primary Playboi Carti logo is composed of a white Playboy emblem (the bunny in the bow-tie, set in profile facing to the left) and a lowercase “Carti” inscription in a traditional and elegant serif typeface, set on a solid black background. There is also a version of the logo, where the elements are drawn in black and set on white.

The lowercase “Carti” lettering is executed in a typeface; which is very similar to such fonts as Hebrew Juless Bold and Magalith Tanach Pro Bold, with timeless sophisticated contours of the letters and delicate serifs on the ends of the lines.